Intelligent Home: Hailo makes the kitchen cabinet smarter

Magic: the new smart door opener from Hailo

Both hands are full and the cabinet door is closed? No problem for the new door opener Hailo Libero 2.0. You can easy activate the light sensor with the foot and the door will open automatically.

The smart system from Hailo is suitable for many waste separator bin systems as well as for many drawer systems and can be easily integrated in any existing kitchen. It is possible to control Hailo Libero 2.0 using remote control. To adjust the system users can use a free mobile app „Hailo Home“.

Hailo Libero 2.0, Photo: Hailo
The “intelligent home” is the most important trend in the interior furnishing business at the moment.

Intelligent furniture, which makes our life easier and connects interior with smart technologies are highly appreciated  by the consumers. The company Hailo has with the automatic opening system Libero a system in the product range which allows comfortable opening of cabinet doors in kitchen, bath and utility room. A sensor in the plinth area which is operated with the foot is triggering the opening mechanism.

Hailo Libero 2.0, Photo: Hailo

Libero is suitable for all waste separator bin systems with front fixing as well as for all drawers. The trigger is easy to find thanks to the integrated LED lighting. The system can be easily be integrated into existing cabinets in the bottom area and with its intelligent control mechanism can recognize potential obstacles on the opening way. Libero 2.0 is waterproof according to IP 41 and designed to operate in different countries with different power supply voltages.

The launch of the new version of the automatic opening system for the distribution will be in January 2018.

Libero 2.0 has all the advantages of the previous version and got some additional important improvements.

  • The integrated LED lighting to find the trigger is now dimmable and can be switched off.
  • The user can adjust the sensitivity of the trigger depending on personal preferences to change the opening timing of Libero 2.0.
Hailo Libero Sensor, Photo: Hailo

More than a new feature is the other innovation of the Libero 2.0: the different functions of the electrical opening support system can be controlled with the mobile app „Hailo Home“ using smartphone or tablet. To eliminate the hacker attacks the system has an own Wi-Fi transmitter.

Hailo Home App, Photo: Hailo

“The mobile app complements Libero 2.0 and makes the opening system even more comfortable”, so Martin Mies, director of Hailo Built-In Applications. “Furthermore it is the beginning of our true smart home applications which combines information technology with the interior furnishing to make the life easier and even more comfortable”. The mobile app “Hailo Home” will be continuously developed and updated to implement further useful functions. The mobile app is compatible both with Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free.

Hailo Home App, Photo: Hailo

Source: Hailo

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