Interzum guangzhou: the newest furniture fitting trends are coming from Asia

Asia’s largest and most influential furniture production and woodworking trade fair, CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2018 was held from March 28 – 31, in Guangzhou, China.

Spanning 17 halls to cover an area of 150,000 square meters, about 1500 exhibiting companies from about 40 countries and regions gathered at this flagship event of the industry competed for the attention of some 80,000 visitors who walked through its doors.

Here are some quite interesting trends on the market of furniture fittings, which I spotted.

Hongwen Zhong and Michael Mittelberger from REGGAR are presenting the new drawer solution. Photo: UMAXO


  • More and more Asian producers are expanding to Europe and establish companies there to offer local service standards
  • More and more innovations are coming from Asia and are accepted on the European and other markets as benchmarks
  • The quality of the Asian furniture fittings in a lot of cases reaches the same level as their European competitors and in some cases even higher

According to the President, Mr. Zhong, the former Blum and later Grass distributor in China is about to become the quality leader on the market of furniture fittings. The company makes no compromises regarding the quality of their products and is proud to be one of the most “expansive” on the market. They are confident that from now on the fittings with the best quality will win, not with the cheapest price. Their aim is to be the number one quality producer of the furniture fittings. Reggar GmbH in Götzis / Austria, established in the beginning of 2018, will serve the customers outside of China.

The new drawer solution of REGGAR. Photo: UMAXO

Also the company presented a new type of double wall drawer, which the major European producers of drawers are still missing in their product range. The new drawer combines the 13,5 mm slim design of the metal drawer sides of drawers running on the under mount slides with the stability and large inner space of the double wall drawers.

The new drawer is running on the slides for double wall drawers, but has a beautiful slim and straight design.


One of the leading Japanese producers of the furniture fittings with the headquarters in Tokyo is since 1930 on the market. Now Sugatsune is a global operating company with several offices around the world. The new office with the warehouse and the full infrastructure is opened in the end of 2016 in Düsseldorf / Germany to serve the customers in the whole Europe. The company presented two highlights.

SUGATSUNE LIN-X1000 received the RedDot Design Award 2017. Photo: UMAXO

LIN-X1000 is a solution for big cabinet doors with the height of up to 300 cm and the width of up to 110 cm with the weight of the door of up to 90 kg. The LIN-X1000 was awarded in 2017 with the RedDot Design Award. LIN-X1000 allows opening the doors laterally, which is more convenient, saves space in front of the cabinet and assures an easy mounting.

SUGATSUNE C203V is the perfect solution for the glass case drawers – the drawer slides are invisible. Photo: UMAXO

With C203V the fittings manufacturer from, Japan presented a solution for the glass case cabinets which allows the slides to remain completely invisible, also if the drawer is in the open position. This application is highly demanded by shop fitters to build glass cases with drawers for jewellery, watches, glasses etc.

SUGATSUNE C203V – the drawer slides are hidden under the drawer bottom. Photo: UMAXO

One of the leading Chinese producers of furniture fittings presented their new flap system solution Top Stays SF. The flap door can be opened up to 107 degrees and stays at any desired position.

DTC Top Stays SF. Photo: UMAXO

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