Interzum Review 2017 – Perfect appearance and a full house at Häfele in Cologne

Impressive visions and innovations

With a successful appearance at the interzum in Cologne, Häfele convinced the specialist world and received an incredibly positive response to the forward-looking topics and new products that were exhibited. The team on the booth enjoyed a full house with international flair right from the start. Häfele rode the wave generated by the record number of exhibitors and visitors, harmonised visions and innovations, and gave people a great deal to think about. The hardware technology specialist thought ahead in its motto of “More life per square metre”, and turned furniture technology into something that could be experienced in its entirety on the trade fair booth. However, the specialist visitors also focussed on the contributions for smart and digital networking for furniture and rooms regarding the mega-trends of “Micro Living” and “Smart Home.”

Häfele booth at the interzum in Cologne. Photo: Häfele

“We succeeded in giving the industry new, helpful suggestions for the future. Furniture is not far away from the future topic of Smart Home. With our Dialock access control system and the Loox LED lighting system, we have many years of experience with electrics and electronics in buildings and furniture. This expertise in electronics and networking is a valuable basis for linking the two worlds. Häfele can therefore be there for its partners as a platform provider when Smart Home is being implemented,” says CEO Sibylle Thierer.

Häfele demonstrated its competence in understanding furniture on the trade fair booth under the motto of “Furniture technology – A holistic view”. With its special capability of comprehensively assessing furniture with regard to building, opening, outfitting and electrifying, the hardware technology specialist is almost intuitively qualified as a suitable partner for the furniture industry.

interzum award Winner to start with

Photo: Häfele

To start with and as a motivating starting shot, so to speak, on the evening before the exhibition a jury consisting of big names gave the nod to two new furniture connectors from Häfele. The one-piece Ixconnect spreading bolt 8/25 won the highest distinction with the “Best of the Best” designation. Another prize was awarded for the new EasyStorage connector, a universal, tool-less connector for furniture pieces. The award-winners are examples of Häfele’s comprehensive furniture competence, and also for “Easiness. Engineered by Häfele”, a principle which has elevated simplicity and ease of use in conjunction with hardware technology to the highest level.

Spectacular: The Smart Home presentation

Häfele booth at the interzum in Cologne. Photo: Häfele

Particular interest was shown in the eight minute long Smart Home presentation by the visitors. It was a major performance in the truest sense of the word. The multimedia production provided visionary entertainment and information about the mega trend and the state of development. Häfele gave this multimedia show the title “Smart furniture meets smart home” Many visitors were surprised to see how far Häfele had already progressed with this development. It was shown on the example of a kitchen and a bedroom how light, sound and furniture functionality can already be conveniently operated using a smart phone app.

Häfele Connect connects furniture and rooms

Häfele booth at the interzum in Cologne. Photo: Häfele

Häfele Connect is the name of the key to smart, networked furniture and rooms. The internationally successful Loox LED lighting system for light and sound in furniture is the starting point. Thanks to a plug & play system and universal connectivity, furniture of all kinds can easily be electrified.

Opening, illuminating, and configuring: Häfele demonstrated to industry and craftsmen what is already possible today, using real examples. Intelligent software opens up the way into the furniture via an app. The next step of comprehensive room control with the Häfele Hub is still a dream of the future, but the universal “Master of all that transmits” was introduced as a prototype at a highly advanced stage of development.

Häfele Concept with market potential for the furniture industry

Häfele booth at the interzum in Cologne. Photo: Häfele

“Micro Living”, i.e. comfortable living in a small space, was presented on the example of two scalable apartments. Here the visitor was able to experience live and 1:1 the major extent to which well-thought out, intelligent furniture with expanded functions can influence and modify rooms. This presentation impressed with its inspiring functionality. However, it also clarified the new market opportunities that exist with furniture ideas which are suitable for the world of generally increasing scarcity and cost of living space and the fusion of living areas into new, often smaller units. Häfele calls this concept “Häfele Concept”, which has led to numerous, in-depth technical discussions about industrial furniture construction.

interzum: Leading trade fair claim confirmed

Häfele booth at the interzum in Cologne. Photo: Häfele

“With more than 69,000 visitors from all over the world, interzum 2017 was a wonderful platform for Häfele. We successfully gave our customers and visitors an understanding of our role as an international market leader and our knowledge of the world of hardware technology and furniture. People could experience hands-on how we turn our principle of “Thinking ahead” for our customers and the users of furniture into ideas and innovative solutions,” explained Sibylle Thierer.

Against this background, the Häfele trade fair booth was once again a showcase of the performance capability of the fitting manufacturer and an innovative market place for the industry.

The product highlights on the Häfele booth

At Häfele, there were many innovations in lighting, furniture connectors, cabinet systems, sliding door and flap fittings. Here is a small selection of the most important innovations:

  • With an update of many products, the Häfele Loox LED lighting system has become the entry point to Häfele Connect, the entry into the smart world of furniture and rooms. In the Loox tunnel, the Häfele Connect app controlled smart products in real time use.
  • The Häfele Easy Storage cabinet organizer system is a complete system for fitting cabinets from a single source. With this system, the industry can add value to its cabinets in a segment-appropriate manner. The system is available internationally.
    All elements can be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools with the interzum award winner.
  • The ixconnect spreading connector 8/25, which is invisibly mounted, for the assembly of light furniture is the “Best of the Best” interzum award winner. It is used with standard 8 mm holes and easily connects furniture by pressure. The company is in an extremely good position with its Häfele ixconnect range of furniture connectors. New products, which can be integrated into any production process without change over, took centre stage and drew a lot of interest.The one-piece ixconnect spreading connector 8/60 is designed especially for larger furniture using clever technology and creates new design and construction possibilities for the industry.The Häfele ixconnect Tab15 shelf connector is another delicate new development from this product range.
  • The Moovit MX drawer system has become even more convenient and flexible with new fluid dampers and new drawer side heights.
  • The Häfele Slido sliding door system is now available with innovative all-round damping (soft-closing, centre door soft close and soft opening) for all applications. The simple installation of sliding hardware and damping convinces.
  • The Free flap fittings were celebrating their premiere in all conceivable opening methods, electrifiable. The Free Flap 1.5, a particularly economical, plastic stay flap fitting for flap weights of 1-5 kg, got a big brother for flaps weighing 1-8 kg at interzum.
  • The Häfele Axilo plinth adjusting fitting system is the extended lever for the installer for cabinet levelling. This clever adjusting fitting system provides maximum convenience and saves time. The adjustment is done ergonomically and back friendly from the front, with simultaneous monitoring of the level.
  • The multi-functional mirror combines light with controls, demister and sound in one product, featuring operation via design touch keys or, for the sound via app.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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