Kesseböhmer: SpaceFlexx has been chosen as the kitchen innovation of 2020

“Best of the best” in kitchen equipment

The “SpaceFlexx” developed by Kesseböhmer together with users scored twice in the “Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2020” audience award.

Both the jury of experts and consumers chose the clever solution against the mess of storage cans to be the “Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2020” and, as the best product in the kitchen equipment category, also helped it achieve the golden “Best of the Best” seal.

Organization system for the storage jars

“SpaceFlexx” sees itself as the first organization system that really masters the mess of storage cans.

Kesseböhmer: “SpaceFlexx” is the new way to store storage jars of different sizes and shapes in a space-saving and clear manner in one pull-out (left). Photo: Kesseböhmer

The insert for the pull-out consists of a frame construction and flexible, powerful “nesttex”.

Not only can storage jars of different sizes and shapes and the matching lids be stored in a space-saving and clear manner without time-consuming sorting.

Long searches, wobbling and tipping over are a thing of the past.

“Product features such as quality, functionality and attractive design play an important role for consumers when making a purchase decision. Recommendations from other consumers are becoming increasingly important.

The “Kitchen Innovation of the Year” award, which has been presented for the fourteenth time, is a direct buy recommendation from consumers for consumers, ”explains the LifeCare initiative, which awards the award.

“SpaceFlexx” cleans up the drawer
Kesseböhmer: The chaos in the pull-out for storage jars has an end – thanks to “SpaceFlexx”. Photo: Kesseböhmer

“SpaceFlexx” makes optimal use of the storage space. The order principle is as simple as it is ingenious: A frame made of chrome-plated metal struts and plastic components connects five horizontal “nesttex” divisions that can be moved on the struts.

Regardless of its shape and size, the storage items can simply be inserted in between and intuitively sorted or nested. Thanks to its elasticity, “nesttex” adapts to any can geometry and pull-out.

Kesseböhmer: with “SpaceFlexx” the stowage – regardless of its shape and size – can simply be stuck between the flexible divisions and intuitively sorted or nested. Photo: Kesseböhmer

So everything finds its place between the flexible straps – without rattling and slipping. This creates – not least thanks to transparent zones in the fabric – overview and easy accessibility.

“SpaceFlexx” fits as a retrofittable, easy and tool-free assembly kit in all pull-outs from 60 cm front width. As a high quality and highly technical material, “nesttex” promises high performance and a long service life. It can be cleaned in no time and is even suitable for the washing machine.

Chosen by experts, valued by consumers
Kesseböhmer: “nesttex” from SpaceFlexx adapts to any can geometry and pull-out thanks to its elasticity. So everything finds its place between the flexible straps – without rattling and slipping. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Das Besondere an der Auszeichnung zur „Kücheninnovation des Jahres“ ist, dass es sich um einen echten Publikumspreis handelt: In der ersten Stufe erfolgt eine Vorauswahl von Produkten durch eine Expertenjury – nach den Kriterien Funktionalität, Innovation, Produktnutzen und Design.

In der zweiten Stufe bewertet der Konsument die nominierten Produkte – auf Basis einer repräsentativen Befragung durch das Markt­forschungsinstitut K&A BrandResearch.

Kesseböhmer: “SpaceFlexx” sees itself as a modular system that can be retrofitted easily and without tools and fits into all pull-outs from a front width of 60 cm. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Over the past 14 years, a total of 19,800 consumers have selected 425 outstanding products and brands. The award is used in over 55 countries today.

About Kesseböhmer
Kesseböhmer headquarters in Dahlinghausen / Bad Essen. Photo: Kesseböhmer

As an internationally active company in the metalworking industry, Kesseböhmer is one of the world’s most successful furniture suppliers. Production takes place at seven locations in Germany as well as in Aschach / Austria and Budapest / Hungary.

The new office building of Kesseböhmer in Dahlinghausen. Photo: Kesseböhmer

The product range includes hardware systems for the kitchen furniture and motor home industry, ergonomics technology for the office furniture industry, components for the automotive industry, as well as merchandise display systems and shop fitting for retailers.

The family business was founded in 1954. With 2,990 employees, Kesseböhmer 2018 generated sales of around 600 million euros.

Source and photos: Kesseböhmer

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