Light and sound in furniture from a single source

Plug and play – it couldn’t be easier

Light and sound in furniture has become a major selling point. The third generation of the Loox LED lighting system from Häfele and its comprehensive range of sound and entertainment components allow both worlds to blend with each other. The Loox drivers act as the perfect interface in these products. The numerous new LED lights and sound system components are easy to connect using these. The modular system components are the perfect combination, and installation is child’s play and contactless using Plug and Play. They impress with their quality, flexibility and ease of operation.

Innovative: Thanks to the modular system with installation rings/bezels in different shapes, the Loox LED 2025 surface mounted downlight can be used in a wide variety of applications. Photo: Häfele

Light in furniture and furnishings will strike a soothing balance with the ambient light in the room and create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere at all times. It has a new integrated effect in perfect interaction with its components – impressing increasing numbers of customers. This “fourth dimension of furniture” can always be achieved in the right “light colour” very harmoniously, easily and economically with the Loox LED lighting system.

Loox drivers act as central interfaces for the LED lighting and sound components from Häfele. Extremely simple and reliable installation for anyone using Plug and Play. Photo: Häfele

The furniture is transformed into an invisible alternative CD player or radio with the trendy, invisibly installed Häfele sound systems 105 and 420. They are equipped with a Bluetooth receiver and up to four sound transducers (exciter speakers). Exciter speakers turn hard surfaces such as wood, glass or metal into a sound carrier, which reproduces music and voices in surprisingly good sound quality. Music selection and the volume are controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Häfele’s sound system makes it possible to build interesting furniture with added value for music-loving clients.

The latest trend: wireless charging station

Loox, the intelligent Plug and Play system with easily understandable colour coding. Photo: Häfele

If your smartphone battery is dead, the invisibly built-in wireless charging station is the solution. This mobile device is simply put in the right location on the furniture and provides new energy.

Clear colour coding – child’s play to install

With 20 W of power output and expansion options for up to four sound transducers the sound system 420 from Häfele creates a unique stereo sound experience. It is installed out of sight within the furniture. This system is also available in a version with integrated FM radio module and remote control. Photo: Häfele

The heart and soul of Loox and sound are high performance drivers. They can be used around the world because they are built to manage different voltages and frequencies safely and without problems. Standardized plug connections with a clear colour coding system make this system extremely user friendly. The provide maximum reliability during installation and always provide correct connections.

Drivers can be installed easily at the rear wall of the cabinet. The powerful drivers can deliver up to 3×60 Watt in the 12 V range and up to 3×75 Watt in the 24 V range. This allows even large installations to be driven by a single unit.

In addition to an assortment of different lights and switches, there are additional complimenting components for more flexibility and convenience during installation such as a multi switch box, a multi driver box, a 6-way distributor, a 4-way extension lead etc. International certificates and inspection tags prepare Loox for global deployment.

Modular LED lights and switches

The heart of a wireless charging station is concealed beneath this table top. If your smart phone runs out of power, simply put it on top and the battery is charged. Photo: Häfele

Among other things, the new highlights in the lighting product range are modular LED lights. The 12 V lights LED 2025 and LED 2026 for 58 mm drill holes and LED 2040 for 35 mm drill holes consist of a standardized light fixture as a base component with plug-in leads in three different lengths and installation rings or bezels in different shapes. The high illuminance of the LED 2025 is a good choice for work areas while the LED 2026 is better suited to living areas. The LED 2040 is the small compact option in the modular system. All three lights are available in the three standard light colours: 3000, 4000 and 5000K.

Modular designed Loox switches can be incorporated in all LED systems and with plug-in leads they are upgradable and easily installed.

New switch possibilities are made possible by a new capacitive switch for concealed installation in wood, glass or stone that makes continuous light adjustment possible. The universal door contact switch is designed for hinged doors or 1-leaf sliding doors. With the new 1-10 V dimmer interface, furniture lighting can also be connected to a common wall dimmer making an easy and intuitive central operation possible.

Strong LED strip lights with high colour consistency

High luminous efficiency, small variances in light colour, aftermarket replacement assurance and availability in four light colours are characteristic for the new LED strip lights in the 12 Volt and 24 Volt range. Häfele has a suitable LED strip light for every application in its product range. In 5 m strip lights up to 600 LEDs (in the 12 V range) ensure even lighting for direct or indirect lighting applications. The strip lights can be shortened every 25, 33 or 50 mm depending on the version.

In the 24 V range the two-row LED 3028 strip light with 1200 LEDs in a 5 m length is a special highlight. It features a very homogeneous and consistent lighting effect.

New converter – versatile Loox driver

With the use of a converter, lights from different systems can be powered by one driver. The new converters that change 12 V to 24 V and the other way around, supplement the existing 350 mA to 12 V converter, allowing the connection of 350 mA lights to a 12 V driver.

Controlling more lights

The multi driver box can interconnect 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 350 mA systems without problems, allowing them to be operated via a single switch. With it several lights can be controlled independently regardless of which Loox LED system is being operated.

The multi switch box – a more economical and convenient option

The multi switch box allows up to three different switches to be connected to any driver of the Loox product range. This is always useful you wish to switch one Loox lighting system from different positions in the room.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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