Maximum convenience, maximum use of storage space

SysLine S from Hettich

Integrated in the top panel and therefore invisible from the outside SysLine S facilitates design aspects as well as an optimum use of storage space. SysLine S has become established in high quality sliding door cabinets with inset doors.

With soft-closing function integrated entirely in the runner profile and a profilefree base panel, the SysLine S sliding door fitting from Hettich permits full use of storage space. The fitting cannot be seen from the outside. Photo: Hettich

The top-running sliding door fitting for inset doors impresses with its smoothly floating action and luxurious ease of movement. Particularly quiet, smooth running action helps to cut noise levels in the office. This can be optimised further still with the optional “Silent System” for soft, automatic closure. As the soft-closing mechanism is fully integrated in the runner profile, absolutely no storage space is lost. There are no profiles in the bottom panel either. This helps to provide a neat look and easy access to cabinet contents.

Maximum door weight of up to 15 kg as well as door dimensions are geared towards the increasingly popular 3 and 4-binder-height cabinets and to panel thicknesses of 16 mm and over.

Source: Hettich

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