New BLANCO ARTAGO bowl line in Silgranit PuraDur

The art of contrasts

Blanco Artago 6 IF/A SteelFrame is one of the most striking presentations of opposites in shape, colour and material. The innovative high-end round bowl in Silgranit PuraDur with a square outer contour in brushed stainless steel adds striking accents in modern interiors, and above all enhances the confident individuality of urbane, puristic interior architecture. Photo: Blanco

They are both primeval symbols and their respective counterparts: circle and square. The new high-end line Artago made of Silgranit PuraDur features both basic geometric shapes as key design elements. The innovative round bowl with square outer contours is fascinating with its contrasting design and makes for exciting highlights in contemporary kitchens. Two models will be premièred at the international LivingKitchen fair: Blanco Artago 6 IF/A SteelFrame and Blanco Artago 6.

Made entirely in Silgranit PuraDur, Blanco Artago 6 is a somewhat more understated interpretation of the highly contrasting synthesis between square and circle. Here, the fine crest subtly separates the bowl from the square frame. Striking contrasts or harmonious tone-intone concepts can be created in the living world of the kitchen in all ten shades in the CombiColours range. Such as white in white – it’s almost impossible to present minimalism more elegantly. Photo: Blanco

With Artago 6 IF/A SteelFrame, the presentation of opposites is expressed most strikingly as it addresses shape, colour and material in equal measure. As the round Silgranit bowl is surrounded by a square stainless steel frame that is a mere 0.8 mm high, the result is an unbeatably striking material mix, both in looks and feel. The technically discerning combination of Silgranit Pura Dur and brushed stainless steel is extremely stylish, and as an elegant design feature underscores the self-confident individuality of urbane, puristic interior architecture. In order to achieve the maximum contrast, this bowl design is offered only in the CombiColours anthracite and white.

On both bowls, the round C-overflow, new InFino drain system and the mixer tap are all arranged precisely on the diagonal axis. With generous outer dimensions and a user-friendly depth of 190 mm, Artago will happily also accommodate large pots and pans. A large number of the contemporary options in the range of available mixer taps are recommended, such as the elegant Blanco Linee-S in the Silgranit rock grey/chrome look. Photo: Blanco

The second model, Artago 6, is identical in shape and dimensions, but made entirely in Silgranit PuraDur, which optically creates an entirely independent effect. Thus the transition from the round bowl to the square frame is executed as a delicate crest that subtly emphasises the rim. Artago 6 is available in all ten colours in the CombiColors palette. The Blanco range includes a wide selection of high-quality mixer taps in the matching design that elegantly reflect the wealth of contrasts in the design language.

The expressive synthesis of contrasting forms is closely adhered to in both bowl designs right down to the details. Furthermore, the round C-overflow, elegant new InFino drain system and the mixer tap are all positioned precisely on the diagonal axis. Apart from its striking design, Artago is also notable for the user-friendly bowl size: with the square outer measurement of 510 x 510 mm, the diameter of the round bowl is a generous 440 mm, and it is 190 mm deep – so there’s plenty of space for large pots and pans too. Blanco Artago is suitable for installation in 60-cm-wide base cabinets. The bowl can be positioned with the mixer tap and drain at the back on the right (see picture) or with them at the back on the left.

Further information on the new Silgranit bowls Artago 6 IF/A and Artago 6 is available from specialist kitchen and furniture retailers and online.

Source: Blanco

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