New from Häfele: Slido Classic sliding door systems now available

Easily scalable thanks to modular design

Häfele is providing the furniture industry and joiners/cabinet makers with a comprehensive range of sliding doors made from wood, glass, or with an aluminium frame and an almost unlimited range of design options with the Slido sliding door fittings. The Slido Classic 35 VF S and Slido Classic 50 VF S Vorfront fittings that were introduced as prototypes at interzum 2015 are now also available on the market. Both fitting systems are developed, manufactured and LGA tested in accordance with DIN 15706, i.e. “German Quality”, by Häfele Weco in Velbert, Germany.

Together with the Slido Classic 70VFA that was successfully introduced earlier, Häfele has completed this product family and raised it to a new level. It now covers the entire range up to a door weight of 70 kg. Its modular design and capability of upgrading provide customers with tremendous advantages in the entire process chain. Two innovative fluid damper systems have been added to the new Slido products.

Häfele is taking the modular idea for supporting industry and joiners/cabinet makers a step further with the two Slido Classic 35 VF S and Slido Classic 50 VF S Vorfront sliding fittings for sliding doors weighing 35 and 50 kg respectively. Both systems guarantee maximum flexibility.

Individually configurable from roller to Synchro control

Häfele Slido Classic 50. Photo: Häfele

The “Häfele modular system” makes it possible to configure both fittings using different components, from the basic configuration to the maximum configuration: In the basic version, the running tracks are made from steel and the guide tracks are made from plastic. However, both tracks are also available in aluminium. The friction bearing rollers can be replaced with ball bearing rollers, and customers can opt for the quick fixing system with clips rather than screw fixing. The height of the basic version is adjusted using slots, or in a more convenient way using eccentrics. Häfele is therefore providing its customers with a wide variety of different options with which they can generate the sliding door fitting that is the best for their furniture and their production process – creating freedom of choice with regard to quality level, materials and accessories. It couldn’t be more flexible.

The Classic 35 VF S and Classic 50 VF S also leave nothing to be desired with regard to operating convenience and equipping: Häfele’s Smuso soft closing system ensures that the door is reliably stopped and gently closed. With the “e-drive” electric drive, the doors glide soundlessly in front of the furniture cabinet and reach their end position as if by an invisible hand. On the other hand, the Synchro drive ensures that the second sliding door is opened automatically as well in the case of four-door cabinets. With the full configuration, these options turn a “normal” sliding door cabinet into an experience with regard to sliding convenience that fulfils even the most stringent of demands.

Modular system supports easy and rational installation

Häfele Slido Classic 35. Photo: Häfele

In addition to scalability, Häfele’s development engineers put a great deal of importance on rational production and ease of installation with both Classic models. The modular system is based on a universal drilling pattern: The drilling pattern for the running and guide tracks are identical for both door weights (35 and 50 kg). There are also many identical parts, i.e. there is no need to make a distinction between right hand and left hand version. Both Varianta and Hospa screws can be used for installation. Also, both fittings are suitable for installation in a universal cabinet, whereby the decision as to whether to fit hinged, sliding or folding doors is not made until the last minute. This flexibility gives the furniture industry maximum planning freedom, standardised production and quick, reliable and cost-effective installation. The automatic anti-derailment device of both fitting systems, the quick fixing clips, the unmistakeable hook-in aid and the eccentric height adjustment also contribute to this.

New addition to the product range: Smuso fluid damper

Häfele Slido Classic 50. Photo: Häfele

The Smuso soft closing mechanisms for the 35, 50 and 70 kg weight classes are a new generation of compact fluid dampers. They are powerful and respond extremely quickly. With this, Häfele has succeeded in integrating various weight classes and different dampening travels of 50 and 100 mm in a single housing – a unique development on the market that continues the concept of modularity. The biggest advantage for the customer is that he only has to plan the soft closing system once during furniture construction – independently of the requests and requirements of the furniture purchasers. Thanks to the low opening resistance of the new fluid dampers, the doors can be moved conveniently and without a great deal of effort.

The Smuso fluid dampers also provide maximum flexibility with regard to planning and processing. They can be fitted beneath the top panel of the cabinet behind the running track with an intermediate plate. The fixing points are on the surface and on the narrow side. The closing characteristics are comparable with the Smuso CD end support soft close and the Smuso MD centre door soft close.

All from a single source – engineered by Häfele

With the scalable Slido Classic family, Häfele is highlighting its competence in system production and large-scale production. All components come from a single source, from the hardware sets to the running tracks and guide tracks, and from the soft closing systems to the handle profiles and electric drives. Decades of experience with furniture fittings, a wide range of engineering competence and in-depth knowledge of developments and trends in the international furniture market form the basis for this well-engineered, functional and customer demand-oriented range of sliding fittings. All fittings have been tested in accordance with DIN EN 15706. With Slido, Häfele is providing its partners with professional, flexible solutions for a wide range of applications – as well as for individual design ideas. They provide the motivation for continuously re-thinking the subject of “sliding doors”.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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