Nova Pro Scala: Always an idea different

Nova Pro slide technology, already proven millions of times over in practical use, is now progressing to the next generation. With the comprehensive new drawer range Nova Pro Scala, GRASS is presenting a system which offers the variability to harmonise with the contemporary styles of tomorrow’s living spaces. As well as impressing with entirely novel functionality, the innovative drawer system represents a true design innovation that sets new standards. This is borne out not only by the keen interest within the kitchen and furniture industry, but also by the recent award from the German Design Council honouring the GRASS product design.

Despite being up against the best in the business, Nova Pro Scala succeeded in winning the internationally acclaimed German Design Award 2016 in the Industry category of the Excellent Product Design segment.

Innovations are nothing unusual among the movement systems from GRASS. With Nova Pro Scala, the well-established Austrian company has nonetheless lent the term “system” a completely new meaning; the latest generation of the double-wall drawer family ensures variability in every dimension. Nova Pro Scala provides the means for creating a wide choice of styles, functions and values, enabling the customer to cover every segment from entry level to premium with a fantastic palette of differentiating features.

Based on the track-proven Nova Pro slide technology, the comprehensive new drawer solution creates maximum scope for creative styling as well as enabling efficient production processes.

For all living spaces and furniture types

Nova Pro slide technology, already proven millions of times over in practical use, is now progressing to the next generation. With the comprehensive new drawer range Nova Pro Scala, GRASS is presenting a system which offers the variability to harmonise with the contemporary styles of tomorrow’s living spaces. Photo: Grass

The name GRASS has long been synonymous with expertise in double-wall systems. The drawer side families Nova Pro Classic and Nova Pro Deluxe are both at home in all markets around the world. With its excellent running characteristics, smooth movement and extremely low opening forces, the Nova Pro movement system is the benchmark in the drawer sector.

With Nova Pro Scala, GRASS has redefined the top flight of its slide technology across all market and price segments, and for modern solutions in living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Proven technology housed inside 41 mm

Grass Nova Pro Scala. Photo: Grass

Purist, clear and timelessly aesthetic – chief developer Günter Grabher and his team have accomplished a drawer side with minimalist right angles: “We wanted to design an economically attractive drawer system that stands out for being extremely versatile as well as for its optimised use of materials.” The development specialists minimised the space required to house the technology, enabling GRASS customers to make full use of the scope for creative styling. Even the tilt angle adjustment was optimised so that it could be accommodated in a drawer side height of exactly 41 millimetres.

Steel combined with a variety of materials

Grass Nova Pro Scala with railing. Photo: Grass

Covered in laser-welded, powder-coated steel, the characteristic drawer side is a unique trademark; and the complete drawer with its almost limitless design options becomes an individual and special experience. Thanks to its right-angled shape, the intentionally understated metal version can be combined with designer panels to suit all tastes, such as premium mineral resin surfaces or luxury real wood versions. The result is a unique palette of possibilities for giving pieces of furniture an individually conceived and unique profile. “This is what we regard as perfect version management,” comments Thomas Müller, head of the Drawer System Division.

Global innovations: box-type drawer and Crystal Plus glass version

Grass Nova Pro Scala 186mm. Photo: Grass

The multifaceted Scala range includes drawer solutions with heights of 63, 90 and 122 millimetres as well as a snugly fitting railing version and a new, stunning-looking drawer with a height of 186 millimetres. A special highlight of the modular Scala family is the large-surface Crystal Plus glass version. Product designer Stefan Ambrozus, who was involved in the development process, commented: “Maximising the clear view into the drawers is a very elegant solution.” Whether fitted with glass or any other of the available design elements, the frame-sided drawer is a unique design statement.

Extremely simple handling and installation

Grass Nova Pro Scala Crystal Plus. Photo: Grass

During the development of Nova Pro Scala, special attention was paid to simple processes in drawer production. The cabinet dimensions and drilled holes of the standardised Nova Pro technology remain the same. Pre-fitted attachment posts for the glass panels on the Nova Pro Crystal Plus make work even easier. This solution does not require any gluing, drilling or tensioning of the add-on elements. In addition, Nova Pro Crystal Plus features an innovative clip technology; the design elements can be fitted securely and without tools, just as easily as changing a battery.

The modular front connection on the drawers guarantees maximum stability with minimum part complexity. The drawers and fronts can therefore be easily replaced.

Less material – greater efficiency

Grass Nova Pro Scala Crystal. Photo: Grass

With Nova Pro Scala, GRASS has succeeded in developing an innovation which implements the concept of lightweight design virtually throughout. Functional reliability, smooth running, stability, longevity and not least the drawer side design are all decisive factors in modern drawer systems. The idea of significantly enhancing these features while using less material was the vision which has become reality with Nova Pro Scala. The developers set out to reduce the space required for the slide technology to an absolute minimum – because less volume means less material, less weight and less energy consumption.

Innovative laser welding technology was developed especially for production of the new Nova Pro product line. Based on the Toyota principle, there is an extremely strong focus on the conscious and responsible use of resources as well as the efficient coordination of processes. Nova Pro Scala is therefore a premium product that is optimally equipped for a competitive market. “You could say that this is a worry-free package for our customers,” emphasises Thomas Müller.

Systematic differentiation

Grass Nova Pro Scala with railing and design elements. Photo: Grass

With this smart overall package, GRASS has succeeded in “meeting the requirements of our customers from A to Z,” adds Thomas Müller. He essentially sees the possibilities opened up by maximum system variability as the response to the urgent needs of furniture designers, manufacturers and cabinetmakers for differentiation options. “Nova Pro Scala resolves the apparently irreconcilable contradiction of being able to create distinctive, unmistakable styling using just one system.” This marks the start of a new benchmark in the Nova Pro success story.

The Nova Pro Scala range will be available through distributors from autumn 2016.

Grass Nova Pro Scala Crystal Plus. Photo: Grass

Source and photos: GRASS

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