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Organising system and timeless design object:
Tavinea “Organised by GRASS”

With Tavinea, GRASS has included a comprehensive interior fit-out system for drawers in its range, which also appeals with its attractive design. For interzum 2017 the existing system, Tavinea 91, will be supplemented by an additional system: the straightforward and rugged Tavinea Sorto frame system for drawers, which can be perfectly supplemented with Tavinea Optima, a sub-dividing system for Nova Pro, and Vionaro pot drawers.

Contemporary design unfolds its effects in many dimensions. A product can win us over at the first glance, the first touch, with a sound, taste or fragrance. Products that are proven to appeal to more than one of our human senses are regarded as valuable. As a rule they quickly become the favourite possessions of their owners.

With Tavinea, GRASS has developed an organising system that carries this modern design power through to the innermost corners of a piece of furniture. The comprehensive interior fit-out system has been developed for drawers in kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture and which, for interzum 2017, is available in two versions.

Tavinea Sorto: the straightforward, rugged frame system

GRASS Tavinea Sorto with Tavinea Optima. Photo: Grass

The latest development in the Tavinea series is Tavinea Sorto,a straightforward dividing system for organising the interior of drawers for cutlery or small parts. Tavinea Sorto consists of two frames (B186 and B276) and a crossbar. The frames do not have a base and, thanks to the integrated anti-slip device, can also be positioned in the drawer without anti-slip mats. The clear space between the frames is available for storing items. In combination with the appropriate accessories, such as the knife block and the cross panel, a perfect organising system can be created in the drawer – offering excellent organisation for little money.

The robust, scratch-resistant surface matches the drawer sides in terms of material and colour. There are four standardised adjustable frames with which it is possible to fit out drawers with nominal lengths of 350 to 650, while keeping the complexity of parts to a minimum.

Tavinea 91: perfect dimensions

The “Organised by GRASS” series was started with Tavinea 91. The system allows considerable diversity in the furniture using just a few standard modular elements, which can be combined. The “91” is the theoretical ideal distance between individual organising modules – 91 millimetres. The structural elements made of aluminium divide the drawers into regular compartments with a width of 91 millimetres. Inserts made of solid wood can be additionally fitted between the filigree, 4.5 mm narrow struts. They can be moved as required inside the compartments. This results in a flexible organising system that sets standards with regard to its personalised options.

Tavinea 91 manages without bulky double walls. Dimensionally stable velvet-black anti-slip mats made of extremely easy-care elastomer ensure that all loaded items remain where they should. The odour-free and food safe mats dampen any noise. Together with the aluminium structural elements and the inserts made of naturally grained ash with a natural or black stained finish, the mats create a harmonious material mix.

Tavinea Optima: the dividing system for pot drawers

Tavinea Optima is a dividing system for Nova Pro and Vionaro pot drawers. Thanks to the spring-tensioned profile holders, the dividing profiles can be flexibly fitted in the drawer with infinite variability and, in combination with optional Smartboards – which are simply clipped on to the dividing profiles – hold large stored items such as pots and plates securely in position. With Tavinea Optima the dividing system has maximum flexibility: the system can be adjusted without tools and can also be retrofitted at any time.

Irrespective of the version – with Tavinea GRASS offers an interior dividing system that not only makes perfect use of the available space, but also offers new opportunities. This is how lively order can be.

Source and photos: GRASS

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