A unique organisation system and a timeless design object: Tavinea 91

With Tavinea 91 GRASS is launching a unique, comprehensive interior accessory system for drawers that is also a sensually perceptible design object. An exciting premiere for the new “Organized by GRASS” range.

Contemporary design unfolds its effects in many dimensions. A product can win us over at the first glance, the first touch, with a sound, taste or fragrance. Products that are proven to appeal to more than one of our human senses are regarded as valuable. As a rule they quickly become the favourite possessions of their owners. With Tavinea 91, GRASS has developed an organisation system for the first time that carries this contemporary, design power through to the innermost corners of a piece of furniture.

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New from Häfele: Slido Classic sliding door systems now available

Easily scalable thanks to modular design

Häfele is providing the furniture industry and joiners/cabinet makers with a comprehensive range of sliding doors made from wood, glass, or with an aluminium frame and an almost unlimited range of design options with the Slido sliding door fittings. The Slido Classic 35 VF S and Slido Classic 50 VF S Vorfront fittings that were introduced as prototypes at interzum 2015 are now also available on the market. Both fitting systems are developed, manufactured and LGA tested in accordance with DIN 15706, i.e. “German Quality”, by Häfele Weco in Velbert, Germany.

Together with the Slido Classic 70VFA that was successfully introduced earlier, Häfele has completed this product family and raised it to a new … [READ MORE]

Design variety, high efficiency

Systems from Hettich meet the demands of market and production alike

High market coverage from a differentiated furniture range, in harmony with lean production – not a problem with drawer and runner systems from Hettich. The new AvanTech premium drawer system and wooden drawers can be fitted on identical Actro 5D runners. The capability of using them in combination with ArciTech drawer system while leaving the carcase drilling pattern unchanged exponentiates the design options.

Personal style is a key criterion for furniture buyers: the outer appearance and interior of a piece of furniture needs to go with their personal home environment. For furniture manufacturers, this means realigning their carcases to satisfy many different tastes and segments – or take … [READ MORE]

The Tiomos M-Series for mirror, glass and slender doors

The product developers of the Austro-German brand manufacturer GRASS demonstrated their instinct for trends with the launch of the movement innovations Tiomos M9 and Tiomos Mirro in 2013. Since then, both hinges have been providing the unique high-tech Tiomos functionality for very demanding door applications. At HOLZ-HANDWERK 2016, GRASS will be presenting the latest addition to the Tiomos M-Series. Tiomos M0 has been developed for thin door applications of 6 millimetres and above, and is designed especially for medium- to high-density materials such as laminates, minerals (e.g. Corian), acrylic or aluminium.

Our world is becoming more transparent – at least in our living spaces. The demand for lightweight solutions and increasingly slimmer surfaces is set to increase, with special focus … [READ MORE]

ProDecor handle collection 2016

Inspired by Life

New models and new materials make the 2016 ProDecor handle collection a design factor in every piece of furniture. Hettich provides cabinet makers with a convenient service package for advising, planning and producing.

New products for 2016
Interior design is an expression of personal style. This is why there are the four ProDecor style worlds of New Modern, Deluxe, Organic and Folk – for homes with personality. 40 new models with 170 options have been included in the new ProDecor handle collection for 2016. The copper and retro trends have had a key influence on the new models and give the four style worlds new impetus: from clearly defined styling, luxurious materials and colours to natural looking … [READ MORE]

Vionaro – the cubist drawer system for kitchens, living areas and bathrooms

With Vionaro, GRASS has created an exciting design solution for all applications in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. This comprehensive system, which won the coveted Red Dot Award in 2014, features a slim 13-millimetre drawer side based on the Dynapro concealed slide system. Itself a winner of the internationally recognised design prize in 2010, Dynapro has already been installed millions of times over. Today, renowned kitchen and furniture manufacturers around the world use the comprehensive minimalist system Vionaro in their collections. At HOLZ-HANDWERK 2016, GRASS will be presenting amongst others the new 249-millimetre drawer side height as well as the optional depth adjustment.

The design, functionality and innovation of the Vionaro drawer system cannot fail to impress. The extremely … [READ MORE]

ArciTech – Made for the future

The premium platform concept drawer system

The ArciTech drawer system has been developed to let kitchen and furniture manufacturers put together perfect drawers for different furniture lines and personal needs while keeping their own production efficient. With excellent running performance, a high level of stability and low opening forces, the innovative drawer system satisfies the exacting demands placed on furniture from the premium segment.

The Actro runner’s running performance is truly impressive: unequalled smooth gliding action, stability and Silent System come together to create a perfect system. The unique prism principle sets standards. With runners in three loading categories of 40, 60 and, previously unmatched on the market, 80 kg, as well as no need for different carcase and front … [READ MORE]

Innovative opening function

Push to open Silent for ArciTech drawers

Engineered by Hettich, ArciTech and the new Push to open Silent function culminate in a system drawer that combines a mechanical Push to open mechanism with the convenience and luxurious feel of Silent System. In particular, the system impresses with narrow gaps between drawer fronts and optimum adjustment for various applications. The result: classy handleless design and high user convenience from using standard ArciTech drawer elements for cost-effective production.

Push to open Silent – convenient opening function
Working on an all-mechanical basis, Push to open Silent manages to do what has previously only been possible with electromechanical systems: It brings together handleless design with a high level of drawer opening and … [READ MORE]

Häfele’s innovative Sound-Edition – invisibly installed

More cooking with sound

As a full range provider with special expertise for the specialist kitchen trade, Häfele offers its partners many advantages. Here, you can find the entire world of furniture fittings, including Loox LED light and sound at a glance, from the basic configuration to the most convenient and exquisite accessories. Häfele has more than 40,000 room and kitchen-related items in stock. An updated follow-up to the well-known special kitchen catalogue will be sent to specialist dealers shortly. The innovative Sound-Edition from Häfele is cutting edge, consisting of three sound sets which can be retrofitted easily and installed invisibly. In combination with a package for sales support, it equips the kitchen trade with trendy entertainment solutions.

Concealed sound, … [READ MORE]

Movento – the runner system for high-quality motion and enhanced adjustment ease

Blum’s concealed runner system for wooden drawers and pull-outs excels in terms of motion – from opening to closing. And now Movento can also be mounted to the cabinet base.

Thanks to synchronisation, Movento has very good running characteristics, producing a smooth feather-light glide and top quality motion. What’s more, Blum’s Movento also offers 4-dimensional front adjustment. In addition to tried and tested height, side and tilt adjustment, gaps can also be precisely and simply aligned without tools with the new depth adjustment feature.

Numerous convincing possibilities

The Movento concealed runner system is available with integrated soft-close Blumotion or with the integrated Tip-On mechanical opening system for handle-less furniture. Tip-On has been incorporated in the runner system and is … [READ MORE]

Blum offers a diverse programme of lift systems for the entire home

Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum offers a comprehensive programme of lift systems for wall cabinets, covering a great many applications. Presented for the first time at interzum: the new AVENTOS HK-XS stay lift.

More and more lift systems are being used for modern wall cabinets today. They are ergonomic, look good and are the latest trend. Aventos, Blum’s programme of lift systems, comprises various models and covers a wide range of applications for the entire home.

Be it the bi-fold or up and over, the lift up or stay lift – Blum offers the right lift system for almost every application. Thanks to the step-less stop, fronts hold in any position and stay within easy reach. They close again … [READ MORE]

Outstanding design: GRASS wins the German Design Award 2016 for Nova Pro Scala

Nova Pro Scala is a product that sets new visual and functional standards. This is not only demonstrated by its popularity in the kitchen and furniture sector, but also by the latest award of the German Design Council for this GRASS product design. In the Excellent Product Design segment, Nova Pro Scala competed with the best of the sector in the Industry category to win the internationally acclaimed German Design Award 2016.

The jury of the German Design Award, one of the major international prizes, always looks for high-quality, ground breaking products. This year the experts found such a product in Nova Pro Scala. The innovative drawer system not only features completely new and impressive functions, its design is … [READ MORE]

Blum optimises tried and tested pull-out system

All three Tandembox lines given technical upgrade

  • Smaller opening force and even smoother transition to feather-light glide
  • Improved quality through further development of drawer side and front fixing mechanism
  • Optimised feather-light glide thanks to refined interaction between drawer side and cabinet profile

Hoechst, Austria – October 2015. Blum has further optimised its tried and tested box system that consists of three different programme lines. Tandembox plus, antaro and intivo now have an even better opening feel, are extremely stable and boast even smoother running action.

Blum’s Tandembox pull-out system has proven its worth for many years and has offered plenty of scope for the design of furniture interiors thanks to its different programme lines. Specific optimisations have now been … [READ MORE]

The Space Tower larder unit by Blum

The convenient way to store food

Hoechst, Austria – October 2015. If you want a larder unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose inner pull-outs can be planned and designed individually and that gives you easy access to items from all three sides, then you’ll like the Space Tower by Blum. This is the convenient and ergonomic way to store food in modern kitchens.

  • Ergonomic: Easy access from all three sides
  • Convenient: Every pull-out opens individually
  • Spacious: Closed sides, high load bearing capacities and organised interiors
  • Flexible: Available in every height, width, depth and equipped with the box system of your choice
  • In motion: With Servo-Drive, Tip-On for doors

Well-thought-out cabinet solutions make optimal use of … [READ MORE]

Blum’s solutions for handle-less furniture throughout the home

Uniform front gap allows you to combine different motions technologies

  • Motion technologies bring enhanced convenience to handle-less furniture
  • Different motion technologies can be combined thanks to uniform front gap
  • Allows you to implement handle-less furniture throughout the home

Hoechst, Austria – October 2015. Austrian fittings specialist Blum offers four motion technologies, producing countless solutions to support the big trend towards handle-less furniture. No matter what solution you opt for (depending on the application), the uniform front gap of just 2.5 mm means that all four motion technologies can be combined as desired. In other words, handle-less designs can now be implemented in all living areas.

Extensive surfaces, straight-cut designs and handle-less fronts – these are the latest furniture trends. And … [READ MORE]

Invisibly smart – whisper quiet

TopLine XL for large fronted cabinets

Large surface fronts, floor to ceiling cabinets: purists just love sliding doors. And sliding doors love TopLine XL. Because the concealed system moves large, heavy doors smoothly and quietly, even if they weigh up to 80 kg.

Virtually invisible and fascinatingly silent, the concealed TopLine XL sliding door system brings smooth gliding action to doors weighing up to 80 kg. The Silent System cushions door movement, leaving them to open and close with a gentle movement while also preventing them from colliding. In 4-door cabinets, the synchronized opening of the middle doors produces inspiring panoramic effects and convenient access to a large central compartment.

TopLine XL provides design flexibility for doors in thicknesses … [READ MORE]

Quadro for ovens

Easy to clean and full steam ahead

Hettich redefines convenience in the kitchen: Quadro 6 runners ensure a particular pleasant and safe cooking experience combined with extremely easy cleaning. This is why the proven convenience of the Quadro runners has now been carried over from furniture to the oven.

Ovens are increasingly becoming multifunctional talents: Conventional ovens are fading into the background as combined appliances capable of baking and steaming are increasing in popularity. Ovens with interiors to which a special coating has been applied to make them easy to clean or those with self-cleaning programs such as pyrolysis are also in demand. Hettich recognised these trends early on and has aligned its product portfolio to such functions; if the … [READ MORE]

New generation: Silgranit sink line BLANCO CLASSIC Neo

New look classic

When planning a new kitchen, well-planned, functional solutions are tantamount, especially around the sink area where most preparation takes place. The BLANCO CLASSIC Neo has been launched to provide such a solution. The hugely successful precursor, the BLANCO CLASSIC, is now presented with an entirely new look and some exclusive, practical additions.

The high-quality sink line, CLASSIC Neo is available in four versions for the most common base unit sizes; width of 45cm to 60cm. The new generation models all feature the signature CLASSIC shape with the rounded inner contour of the tap ledge. This characteristic trademark of the CLASSIC has been brought into contemporary design and matched seamlessly to the overall look of the line. The


Dynapro: The individual slide generation

High load capacity up to 70 kilograms, synchronised movement and 4D adjustment: the multitude of special qualities is what makes Dynapro a unique movement system for individualists. The concealed slide system was awarded the coveted Red Dot design prize in 2010 and not only provides the basis for full-extension drawers in wood and other top-grade materials but, since 2013, has also been at the heart of the cubist drawer system Vionaro.

Individuality is the buzzword of our times. Customised products play a special role in virtually every area of our lives – and, of course, our furniture is no exception. As well as satisfying aesthetic aspirations, items of furniture have to offer above all intelligent functions that cannot fail … [READ MORE]

Sliding door Silent System in a whole new dimension

TopLine L from Hettich

Future proof technology and a versatile system providing smooth running action – TopLine L from Hettich meets all of the practical demands on a modern sliding door system, speaks to the senses and paves the way to entering the high end furniture segment.

The TopLine L soft opening and closing system for sliding doors gives the user a noticeable feel of added luxury and convenience. TopLine L brings sliding doors to a silent and gentle close against the wardrobe carcase. Low opening forces and a closing effort that can be set for any door weight at a three stage self closing adjustment capability make sliding doors an absolute dream to open and close. In addition, the … [READ MORE]

BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus brings steam cooking to the domestic market

The perfect plus

Steam cooking has long been a staple of professional caterers and, with the help of modern appliances, this gentle cooking method is also finding its way into the domestic sphere. Steamed fish, meat and vegetables retain almost all of their natural nutrition, flavour and aroma. To make the preparation and presentation of steamed food even easier, BLANCO has developed a Silgranit sink designed specifically to accommodate steaming accessories.

The key component of the new BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus is the spacious bowl, featuring an integrated ledge designed to match all sizes of Gastronorm steam cooking containers produced by leading manufacturers. Containers can be placed over the bowl and spacious drainer while the cutting board slides


More space and a new look: BLANCODELTA II corner sink

Bull’s-eye for the kitchen corner

For most people, there will never be enough space in the kitchen, so it’s important to make the most of every millimetre of working and storage space. BLANCO, a specialist in sinks and mixer taps, presents the BLANCODELTA II sink in Silgranit PuraDur as the perfect solution for corner storage. The latest generation of the popular DELTA sink is notable for its contemporary design, clever details and much bigger main bowl. Combined with a range of practical accessories, it creates the ideal area for food preparation, utilising perfectly the often neglected kitchen corner.

The main bowl, additional bowl and drainer of the new DELTA II are arranged for maximum convenience. Even bulky items such


Practising perfection

AvanTech drawer system from Hettich

The drawer system that continues the most exacting design aspirations on the inside of furniture: AvanTech cuts a fine figure with perfect sleek lines, sharply rounded edges and no cover caps or holes whatsoever in the high quality 13 mm aluminium drawer side profiles. With the Actro 5D drawer runner, AvanTech makes perfection something you can see, feel and hear.

The quiet, quality sounding acoustics as well as a noticeably firm fit on the new Actro 5D runner underscore the AvanTech drawer system’s perfect performance. Actro 5D also permits outstanding front panel alignment with very narrow reveals which can be adjusted to the accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre.

Precision furniture design

In the … [READ MORE]

BLANCO PALONA installation from above: a first for BLANCO

Modern classic in ceramic

Many amateur chefs love the traditional appeal of ceramic sinks. Now, for the first time, BLANCO presents a single bowl for installation from above as well as a range of undermounted sinks. Another attractive, timeless ceramic sink is added to the repertoire; BLANCO PALONA is designed for 60cm base units, with an eye-catching bowl radius of just 12mm. The smooth rim, wider along the tap ledge, emphasises contemporary, clean lines. The 190mm deep, roomy bowl is fitted with the modern, detachable and therefore extremely hygienic stainless steel C-overflow. And there’s more: BLANCO PALONA also has an extremely easy-care PuraPlus surface.

A beautifully-shaped solid chopping board is available as an optional accessory. It can be anchored firmly


BLANCO LIVIA-S combines mixer tap, detergent dispenser and pop-up waste kit

Focal point in the modern country-house

Combining modern interiors with carefully chosen flea market finds can add a trendy flair to a traditional home. BLANCO’s new premium mixer tap line satisfies the best of both worlds with subtle, retro details. The BLANCO LIVIA-S tap cleverly combines classic and contemporary design with three exclusive finishes – chrome, manganese and brushed brass – to create a design statement in any home from country-house to industrial loft.

These subtle accents of colour are the signature feature of the LIVIA-S, combined seamlessly with a high J-shaped spout and an eye-catching mixer tap body. The water flow is easy to control with a handy control lever and the LIVIA-S is fitted with a practical


Häfele kitchen vacuum for plinths: putting storage space to good use

Guzzler for the floor

Unused storage space behind the plinth panel doesn’t need to be the case. Häfele has now had a clever idea for making extremely meaningful use of spare room at floor level. The new stationary kitchen vacuum for plinths disappears behind the panelling. It is a powerful glutton, and guzzles everything that lands on the floor when working in the kitchen – and as we know, this is usually quite a lot. In order to get rid of the garbage comfortably, you do not need to bend down. A toe-poke suffices, and if necessary you can also assist with the broom. The conventional vacuum cleaner is not required for these small cleaning jobs.

The discreet kitchen helper … [READ MORE]

Platform leads the way

Systema Top 2000 from Hettich

Systema Top 2000, the market’s leading organisation system is constantly being geared to the needs of the market. The platform concept provides an easy way of meeting the demands for quality and convenience as well as the wish for individuality in the contract business. From practical to classy – there are hardly any limits to individualising furniture.

Besides the practical all metal drawers, Hettich now offers the SysTech drawer side profile system across the board for all office furniture. The particularly clean lines of the drawer side profile meet the demand for better design, convenience and perceived value and provide noticeably more quality inside the pedestal. Consequently, the drawer system is only ever available … [READ MORE]

Precision that excites

Actro 5D drawer runner from Hettich

Hidden from view behind the drawer bottom panel, yet essential for breathtakingly good furniture design, that’s the Actro 5D drawer runner. With precision 5-way adjustment and outstanding stability. Narrow reveals and large format, perfectly aligned front panels produce amazing effects. Continuous wood decors unleash their effect to give a new surface dimension. New options for furniture designers to add filigree accents and create new clear lines.

Fantastic running performance
The smooth, quiet action of the excellent Actro 5D runner fascinates furniture buyers. The unique prism principle with synchronous control ensures a perfectly coordinated movement cycle that makes hardly a sound. The agreeably low opening forces and high performing, particularly gentle Silent System complement this … [READ MORE]

Installation options: BLANCO sinks with the attractive flat rim

Elegant in looks, practical in daily life

Let’s fact it, who pays much attention to the rim when buying a sink? Although most of the work in the kitchen is carried out at the sink, the decision to buy is usually based on the material, features and overall shape. And yet so many of the practical and optical features are hidden in the details. The method of installation is also important. The Blanco product programme offers six different installation solutions and lots of freedom for individual kitchen plans.

Undermount sinks and bowls, for instance, are usually planned in combination with elegant stone worktops. Aesthetically and optically, flush mount installation is the most elegant solution for the highest standards. In this


The healthier and more efficient way to work

LegaDrive Systems from Hettich

An attractive office environment with flexible and ergonomic workplaces is one of the keys to a company’s competitiveness. This is where power adjustable desks that give users the choice of working either sitting down or standing up play a crucial part. The LegaDrive Systems column system from Hettich leaves no margin of doubt with design flexibility in furniture making and the greatest possible stability for the user.

Having the flexibility of working either sitting down or standing up is good for your health and boosts work productivity. Desks with a power assisted height adjustment capability that can easily be set to any chosen height at the press of a button are ideal.

LegaDrive Systems comes with … [READ MORE]

Diversity made easy

InnoTech drawer system with platform concept

The InnoTech platform concept provides maximum flexibility for drawers and extensions because the same side profile is always used for all options. This makes it possible to satisfy specific customer preferences, opening up previously untapped sales potential.

Whether railing, TopSide below the railing or DesignSide, the diversity is boundless. InnoTech DesignSide permits the use of glass or other materials for closing off the sides of pot-and-pan drawers without incorporating a railing. Unlike other systems on the market, the same drawer profiles can be used for drawers and extensions. The drawer front, including the drill holes, stays exactly as it is. This means the InnoTech drawer system also scores in terms of economic efficiency … [READ MORE]

On the Cutting Edge

InnoTech Atira drawer system

The InnoTech Atira drawer system by Hettich is full of character: Straight lines, clean contours, different colours and a variety of additional elements complemented by versatile interior organisation solutions form the perfect mix for more individuality. InnoTech Atira combines attractive options for differentiating with high cost efficiency by means of a platform concept.

The linear design of InnoTech Atira fits into every home and offers a variety of differentiation options for drawers and extensions. Various side elements such as railing, TopSide under the railing or DesignSide, colours, rear panel widths and guides offer individual planning solutions that can be realized flexibly and simply. A simple upgrade from railing to TopSide or DesignSide is also possible. Drilling … [READ MORE]

Maximum convenience, maximum use of storage space

SysLine S from Hettich

Integrated in the top panel and therefore invisible from the outside SysLine S facilitates design aspects as well as an optimum use of storage space. SysLine S has become established in high quality sliding door cabinets with inset doors.

The top-running sliding door fitting for inset doors impresses with its smoothly floating action and luxurious ease of movement. Particularly quiet, smooth running action helps to cut noise levels in the office. This can be optimised further still with the optional “Silent System” for soft, automatic closure. As the soft-closing mechanism is fully integrated in the runner profile, absolutely no storage space is lost. There are no profiles in the bottom panel either. This helps to provide … [READ MORE]

Cabloxx, single locking system for Blum pull-out systems

Standard Blum components can be assembled as usual

Austrian fittings specialist Blum now offers a locking system to extend the applications of its box and runner systems. The addition to its product range is a system-independent solution for locking drawers and pull-outs. For manufacturers, it means quick and simple procurement from a single source.

  • Cabloxx, single locking system for all box and runner systems by Blum
  • Can be adapted to cabinet dimensions
  • Can be combined with different motion technologies

Some drawers and pull-outs simply have to be locked in home offices, shops and labs, as do cabinets with cleaning agents in kitchens and medicine cupboards in bathrooms. Austrian fittings specialist Blum has developed a new locking system by the … [READ MORE]

Blum fittings solutions for handle-less furniture throughout the home

1-3-4 – 1 theme, 3 applications, 4 motion technologies and a wide array of possibilities

Hoechst, Austria – May 2015. Handle-less furniture is the ongoing trend – for your kitchen and entire home. Austrian fittings specialist Blum offers 3 applications (lift system, hinges and pull-outs) and 4 motion technologies (Blumotion, Tip-On, Servo-Drive and the new Tip-On Blumotion) to produce countless solutions on the theme of HANDLE-LESS furniture. Blum’s wide product range gives you the right solution for every application and brings function and ease-of-use to handle-less furniture.


Extensive surfaces, straight-cut designs and handle-less fronts – these are the latest furniture trends. And Blum’s innovative fittings solutions for wall cabinets and base units guarantee supreme user convenience … [READ MORE]

Blum’s new Legrabox box system – Experience elegance

This new box system boasts a sleek and clear-cut design and has already won several international design awards. It now also comes with the matching Ambia-Line inner dividing system.

To meet the latest trends and the demands for diversity of design in furniture, Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum has developed Legrabox, a new box system with a sleek and straight-cut design. The innovation comes in two lines: Legrabox pure with metal sides to produce a uniform look and Legrabox free with large design elements of various materials. The interior can be organised with Ambia-Line, an inner dividing system that has been especially developed to go with the new box design.


New design and high-quality motion

The drawer sides … [READ MORE]

Blum – large range of applications for hinges with integrated soft close

Clip top Blumotion, the innovative hinge solution by Blum, has all the components needed for soft and effortless closing integrated into the hinge. The hinge comes in a wide range of types (now also with an opening angle of 107°) to offer the right solution for every door.

The latest design trends show fittings solutions that are simple and inconspicuous. Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum meets these requirements with the Clip top Blumotion hinge programme with integrated soft close for a wide range of cabinet applications.

If the doors are smaller or lighter, you can simply switch off the soft-close Blumotion feature. This means that all doors – regardless of size, weight and closing speed – always close softly … [READ MORE]

Tandembox antaro by Blum – a diverse box system with new design possibilities

Blum’s tried and tested Tandembox box system comes in three lines: plus, antaro and intivo. The antaro line now offers new design possibilities.

To meet the latest developments in kitchen design and to offer customers a diverse programme of pull-outs, Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum has developed three different programme lines for its Tandembox box system: Tandembox plus, Tandembox antaro and Tandembox intivo. What’s more, Tandembox antaro can now also be combined with design elements of glass or other materials to produce an enclosed drawer or pull-out.

Tandembox antaro – the minimalist line

This programme line is characterised by a rectangular gallery and colour coordinated fittings components. Tandembox antaro is based on Blum’s tried and tested … [READ MORE]

What’s new in Silgranit: BLANCO SONA sinks in five sizes

Tailored to contemporary kitchens

Those who are in the process of buying a new sink have a tremendous range of models, designs and materials to choose from. And the new sink line Blanco Sona is proof indeed that there is no need to dispense with functionality or comfort even at entry level. Available in five models for the four main sink cabinet sizes, it offers sturdy solutions for a wide range of planning situations. Yet with its modern, unobtrusive design, Sona blends harmoniously with any kitchen environment. Made of Silgranit, the new sink series also appeals for its excellent care properties, pleasant silky-stony feel and high resilience. Nine attractive colours guarantee combinations that perfectly match the surrounding environment.

The new



Up, up and away

Square or round? This is a matter of style preference, and it’s one that applies as much in the kitchen as anywhere else. And attention is paid to the mixer tap in particular, since its location means it is a focal point of your kitchen. Blanco Carena and Blanco Jurena offer attractive solutions. The two new mixer tap lines are based on the same design concept and yet look completely different.

The most obvious difference is the shape of the spout. The rounded arch of the Blanco Carena, which works with stylistic elements of the classical modern period, or the striking lines of the Blanco Jurena, emphasising a sophisticated elegance – both are perfect in function