Peka: Ingenious New Mechanism for Pull-Out Shelfs

From pull-out shelf to work surface with a single click

Fancy whipping up a breakfast smoothie in your food processor? Great idea! But hang on a minute – do you really feel like dragging a heavy appliance out of its shelf and hunting around for a surface to put it on before you have even had a chance to wake up properly? No good place to put your laptop in your home office? Luckily, Swiss company peka-metall AG has the answer! The ingenious new Click Stop locking mechanism transforms any pull-out shelf into a fixed work surface with a single click.

peka’s product developers have been hard at work looking into ways of turning shelves into temporary work surfaces. After all, who could not use some extra work space in their home? Maybe you could do with a surface for folding laundry in your laundry room. Maybe you cannot work on your laptop in your home office because you do not have anywhere to put it. Maybe all your kitchen appliances are stored neatly on their shelves, but it is a struggle to pull them out (they can be pretty heavy!) and find a surface to put them on while you work.

Peka Click Stop: Now you can work on your laptop in your home office. Photo: peka

“The problem is the same in every room in the house,” explains peka’s Deputy CEO Sandra Weber Blättler. “There just aren’t enough practical work surfaces that can be set up in an instant and taken back down again after use. The Click Stop locking mechanism is an ingeniously simple solution to the problem. It transforms a normal pull-out shelf into a solid work surface in a flash.”

A temporary additional work surface, even where space is limited
Peka Click Stop: Maybe you could do with a surface for folding laundry in your laundry room. Photo: peka

Using Click Stop could not be easier: just slide your pull-out shelf out of the unit and it will automatically lock in place – as if by magic, you have an additional work surface! Now you can comfortably top up the water in your coffee machine, work on your laptop or fold the laundry in your utility room. Once your work is done, just pull on the shelf to release the locking mechanism then push the shelf back into the unit. The mechanism is compatible with any type of guide rail.

Peka Click Stop: Based on GRASS Dynapro under-mount slides. Photo: peka

Click Stop is the latest product to result from Swiss company peka’s impressive capacity for innovation. The company is passionate about helping people to enjoy their homes with smart, carefully designed furniture solutions and is always on the lookout for ways to maximise comfort and convenience.

peka at the Interzum 2019 trade fair. Breathtakingly original ideas for units and shelf systems

Furniture choices influence the quality and functionality of a space, and visitors to Swiss furniture and fitting manufacturer peka’s stand at interzum 2019 will find out how. peka’s sleek, stylish unit and shelf systems lend kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and offices a touch of understated elegance, as well as offering breathtakingly original ways to use the space more effectively than ever before.

Futurologist Oona Horx-Strathern has said that the real future will be about the coming together of design, technology, materials and human relationships. peka’s latest storage solutions are the perfect embodiment of this. They provide practical responses to the little niggles we encounter in our homes and ensure that there is always plenty of organised, accessible storage space, no matter how small a room. The company’s Interzum stand features an array of novel ideas that showcase the flexibility of peka’s systems and their adaptability to any application and any place.

peka’s stand: back to basics

With its stripped-back design, peka’s stand is every bit as simple and inventive as its products. Upon approaching the stand, visitors see a collection of stark black cubes silhouetted against a backlit fabric wall. The surprises only really start when the cubes begin to unfold: with just one gentle touch, the unit doors open, revealing the astounding variety of pull-out systems offered by peka. The stand’s dark backdrop really makes the anthracite, white, wooden and coloured fittings pop, while the colours of the unit interiors and systems have been selected carefully for an attractive, harmonious effect.

The Pleno Plus larder unit system: storage space galore!
Peka Pleno Plus larder unit system. Photo: peka

The larder unit is one of the most frequently used units in almost every kitchen. With its inventive designs and ingenious innovations, peka has truly made this kitchen essential its own. peka’s entire range of larder unit solutions will be on display for the first time ever this year, as Pleno Plus is making its Interzum debut. Pleno Plus’s entire contents slide out into view with just a gentle tug. The upper shelves are even split in two for optimum visibility, like in a fridge. One quick glance allows users to see everything inside their unit, and one easy step is all it takes for them to reach the groceries or dishes they need.

The Trio larder unit system: for price-conscious customers
Peka Trio larder unit system. Photo: peka

Trio is peka’s efficient storage solution for price-conscious customers. When the unit door is opened, the top part of the storage area splits into shallow fixed shelves and three door shelves, giving users an excellent overview of all their groceries and eliminating the need to rummage around in the back of the unit. The two Extendo shelves in the bottom part of the unit can be pulled out for exceptionally easy access to heavy items like pots.

Fioro: beauty comes from within
Peka Pleno Fioro pull-out shelves. Photo: peka

With Fioro, users can have outstanding design on the inside of their kitchen units too. Fioro pull-out shelves are crafted from a single piece of top-quality coated sheet metal, ingeniously combined with railing inserts for an eye-catching effect. As well as winning both a Reddot Design Award and an IF Design Award, Fioro secured the Best of the Best quality label in the Intelligent Material & Design category of the 2017 Interzum Design Award.

Click Stop: from pull-out shelf to work surface!

Click Stop temporarily transforms pull-out shelves into fixed work surfaces. One simple idea, so many practical applications: Click Stop could be used to create a laundry folding area in the utility room, handily store a coffee machine in a corner or kitchen appliances in a larder unit, or produce a home office workspace from a sliding-door unit. The shelf locks in place automatically when it is extended out of the unit and unlocks with a gentle pull.

Pecasa: smart living for greater comfort
Peka Pecasa. Photo: peka

peka’s new Pecasa shelf system is structured around the central wall profile that holds everything together. Users are free to choose any combination of shelves, cabinets, desks and clothes rails and position them however they like for a custom furniture solution. No matter the size or shape of the space or the height of the ceiling, the highly flexible Pecasa system is the perfect fit – be it in a home office, a living area, a bedroom or a hallway.

As ever, peka is also displaying a number of its latest developments in the form of use cases – these include the Riverso drawer, which can be pulled out from both sides, and the Sesam Bag bag holder, which was designed to simplify the collection of recyclable waste. With all these innovative ideas and more, peka’s Interzum stand is surely worth a look for anyone wanting a glimpse of Oona Horx-Strathern’s “real future”.

peka – Swiss solutions with a global reputation

Swiss firm peka has been developing and manufacturing pull-outs and complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for over 50 years. Based in Mosen, on the shores of Lake Hallwil, the company has grown to become one of the world’s top market providers of larder unit pull-outs, slide-out corner systems and ecologically designed waste sorting systems.

Its numerous international patents stand testament to its ingenuity. peka’s product range comprises over 800 items. The company employs around 130 people and sells its products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Source and photos: peka

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