peka: One movement is enough

One movement of the hand – the entire cabinet contents in view

It would be nice if the contents of a high-ceiling cabinet could be grasped at a glance – and nevertheless fully exploit the cabinet volume. Now it’s going to be nice: peka is bringing a novelty onto the market with the Pleno Plus cupboard. All trays and their contents move out with one movement of the hand, and the content even finds space in the side door.

One movement of the hand is enough – the door of the Pleno Plus cupboard opens. All trays, including the top one, run out at the same time and present the entire content. Because the shelves run impressively smoothly on the guide rails, it may even be open by a child. Only to reach the top shelves, it has to grow a bit. For all others, users can reach every object ergonomically and comfortably. Because the upper shelves are divided, the storage material is stored there as well as – like a refrigerator – in the side door.

peka pull out larder Pleno Plus. Medium sized shelves in the upper area. Photo: peka

On the upper trays of the extract larger bags and supplies are stowed, on the lower trays pots and dishes, in the door shelf is space for smaller supplies such as spices and jam jars.

Overview saves time and protects food

Sandra Weber Blättler, Deputy Managing Director of the manufacturer peka-metall AG, explains the great advantage of Pleno Plus: “Because all trays automatically extend at the same time when the cabinet door is opened, the entire contents are displayed in one second. This saves a lot of time and tedious searching is eliminated. »

peka pull out larder Pleno Plus. Smaller shelves on the side door. Photo: peka

And if everything is always in sight, food don’t spoil any more. “The Pleno Plus is a real novelty in the market, which did not exist before,” says Sandra Weber Blättler. «No other cabinet fitting offers this combination of large shelves in the below area, medium sized in the upper area and smaller ones on the side door. So you keep the overview on each level. »

peka pull out larder Pleno Plus. Large shelves in the lower area. Photo: peka

The Pleno Plus pull out larder is available as a complete set of fittings with height-adjustable hanging shelves and guides including soft opening. With wooden boxes and magnetic subdivisions, the shelves can be flexibly equipped.

peka pull out larder Pleno Plus. All trays automatically exit simultaneously when the cabinet door is opened. Photo: peka
peka – Swiss solutions with a global reputation

Swiss firm peka has been developing and manufacturing pull-outs and complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for over 50 years. Based in Mosen, on the shores of Lake Hallwil, the company has grown to become one of the world’s top market providers of larder unit pull-outs, slide-out corner systems and ecologically designed waste sorting systems.

peka pull out larder Pleno Plus. A real novelty in the market. Photo: peka

Its numerous international patents stand testament to its ingenuity. peka’s product range comprises over 800 items. The company employs around 130 people and sells its products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Source: peka

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