peka Pecasa: smart living for greater comfort

peka Pecasa Regalsystem. Dressing room. Photo: peka
Pecasa is peka’s latest shelf system.

It is made up of a few simple components that can be combined in an infinite variety of ways: shelves, cabinets, desks or clothes rails can be attached to the central wall profile and repositioned however the user wants. Its flexibility makes Pecasa the ideal solution for almost any application – from living areas and home offices to dressing rooms and hallways, or even shops.

peka Pecasa Regalsystem. Living area. Photo: peka

Smart living for greater comfort: this short phrase tells you all you need to know about peka’s latest shelf system. Though peka hails from Mosen in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, it consciously uses the English term “smart furniture” to describe Pecasa – and for good reason, too. Pecasa opens up a world of possibilities for furnishing rooms and is both versatile and attractively designed.

peka Pecasa Regalsystem. Living room. Photo: peka

Even if a room is awkwardly shaped or if its ceilings are high, low or sloped, Pecasa can be adjusted to fit the available space. The flexible modular components – including tabletops, shelves and cabinets – can be attached to the central wall profile in any configuration and repositioned at any height. peka supplies the technology and a furniture-maker or carpenter supplies the shelves and cabinets, leaving users free to choose the materials and design and thus ensure that their new system blends seamlessly into their room.

peka Pecasa Regalsystem. Living office. Photo: peka

A number of ingenious details set the system apart, as Sandra Weber Blättler, Deputy CEO of manufacturer peka-metall AG, explains: “Take, for instance, the cable tidy that is built into the central profile. It is big enough to take all the cables from the lighting system, TV, stereo system and other devices and hide them away out of sight. No more jumbles of cables cluttering up furniture surfaces – Pecasa offers a smart furniture solution to the problem.”

A shelf system tailored to everyday life

peka Pecasa Regalsystem. Wardrobe. Photo: peka

Pecasa can be customised with an array of metal accessories. Sandra Weber Blättler lists some of the options: “We have clothes rails, hook rails, trouser racks and shoe shelves for dressing rooms and hall stands – these are a smart, practical way of storing clothes and shoes. And you could mount a mirror, picture, TV or screen on the universal bracket.” Other Pecasa accessories include document trays, cable organisers, organiser boxes, bookends, letter racks and pen trays.

peka Pecasa Regalsystem. Nursery. Photo: peka

Whether users are looking for a shelf solution with built-in lighting or a bookcase for the living room, a home office that meets the needs of children and adults alike, an elegant dressing room, a wardrobe niche in a bedroom full of nooks and crannies, or a space-saving hall stand that makes an excellent first impression, the versatile Pecasa system fits the bill.

peka – Swiss solutions with a global reputation
peka Pecasa Regalsystem. Shelf boards. Photo: peka

Swiss firm peka has been developing and manufacturing pull-outs and complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for over 50 years. Based in Mosen, on the shores of Lake Hallwil, the company has grown to become one of the world’s top market providers of larder unit pull-outs, slide-out corner systems and ecologically designed waste sorting systems.

peka Pecasa Regalsystem. Clothes rail. Photo: peka

Its numerous international patents stand testament to its ingenuity. peka’s product range comprises over 800 items. The company employs around 130 people and sells its products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Source: peka

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