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Systema Top 2000 from Hettich

Systema Top 2000, the market’s leading organisation system is constantly being geared to the needs of the market. The platform concept provides an easy way of meeting the demands for quality and convenience as well as the wish for individuality in the contract business. From practical to classy – there are hardly any limits to individualising furniture.

Besides the practical all metal drawers, Hettich now offers the SysTech drawer side profile system across the board for all office furniture. The particularly clean lines of the drawer side profile meet the demand for better design, convenience and perceived value and provide noticeably more quality inside the pedestal. Consequently, the drawer system is only ever available here in combination with Quadro over extension runners and particularly gentle self closing from Silent System 40.

The classic all metal drawer can also be equipped with Silent System 40. Using different functional elements, the customer can selectively control the level of quality while always leaving drawers and drawer runners unchanged. The system is also upgraded by the new 3D front panel adjustment capability for the drawers.

The Systema Top 2000 all metal drawer with the new 3D front panel adjustment capability and the new Silent System 40 self closing function. Photo: Hettich

So that customers automatically benefit from the added value, the newly developed features have been implemented in the popular Systema Top 2000 all inclusive sets.

Source and photos: Hettich

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