Practising perfection

AvanTech drawer system from Hettich

The drawer system that continues the most exacting design aspirations on the inside of furniture: AvanTech cuts a fine figure with perfect sleek lines, sharply rounded edges and no cover caps or holes whatsoever in the high quality 13 mm aluminium drawer side profiles. With the Actro 5D drawer runner, AvanTech makes perfection something you can see, feel and hear.

The quiet, quality sounding acoustics as well as a noticeably firm fit on the new Actro 5D runner underscore the AvanTech drawer system’s perfect performance. Actro 5D also permits outstanding front panel alignment with very narrow reveals which can be adjusted to the accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre.

Precision furniture design

Perfect in the bathroom: as the bottom panel requires no routing, it can be edged, making it particularly suitable for use in rooms exposed to moisture. Photo: Hettich

In the kitchen, AvanTech combines storage space with a load capacity of up to 80 kg, providing plenty of flexibility in designing kitchens. Whether for true to style country kitchens or as a mark of distinction in modern kitchens – superior quality wooden drawers can be fitted with the same runners and catches.

In the living room design, AvanTech is a design element alternative to the classic wooden drawer. Its cool aluminium surface adds new highlights behind the front panel. The Actro 5D runner can also be used with wooden drawers, offering flexibility in catering to consumer wishes.

In the bathroom, the AvanTech system’s high level of stability permits unusual front panel formats even in conjunction with short drawer depths. As the bottom panel requires no routing, it can simply be edged for use in rooms exposed to moisture.

In the contract business, the limits of sophisticated interior design can be redefined: narrow reveals let perfectly aligned drawer front panels merge into a homogeneous surface and permit delicate lines. The Actro 5D runner’s 80 kg load capacity permits unusual and generously proportioned creations.

Handleless design

With a load capacity of up to 80 kg, AvanTech provides plenty of flexibility in creating kitchens of outstanding design. Photo: Hettich

The electromechanical Easys system and the all mechanical Push to open Silent provide two opening systems for AvanTech that combine wide opening for direct access and silent and soft drawer closing. For exciting furniture design with a high convenience factor.

Superb running action and maximum stability

In living room furniture, the AvanTech drawer is the alternative to the wooden drawer: slimline, classy, without visible plastic parts, mounted on identical Actro 5D runners. Photo: Hettich

The secret behind the AvanTech drawer system’s smooth and quiet running action lies in the Actro 5D runner. Its unique prism principle with synchronous control ensures a perfectly coordinated movement cycle that makes hardly a sound. The agreeably low opening forces and high performing, particularly gentle Silent System complement this impression. Loading categories of 40, 60 and 80 kg give the Actro 5D runner sufficient capacity to design furniture that stands out from the crowd. And all without adding side stabilisers and settling for anything less than superb running action.

Actro 5D platform for ultimate flexibility

The platform concept guarantees flexibility: wooden drawers can be installed with identical Actro 5D runners and catches. Photo: Hettich

Whether AvanTech or wooden drawer, the Actro 5D runner and catches remain the same. As the carcase drilling pattern remains unchanged, the parallel use of aluminium and wood involves very little work. This means the furniture manufacturer keeps all options open for future trends, can differentiate between ranges and easily meet the demands of discerning customers.

Source and photos: Hettich

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