ProDecor quickly meets trends

Designing furniture in line with the market and current trends

Changing trends are adding new vigour to the furniture market. And every emerging trend gives cabinet makers, fabricators and retailers new creative and sales boosting potential that can be exploited to the full with the ProDecor handle collection from Hettich.

To benefit from seasonal furniture and furnishing trends and the market opportunities they provide, industry and the trades need to respond with flexibility by gearing product design and production to the new styles as quickly as possible. Contemporary shapes, colours and surface finishes can be featured in a product portfolio very quickly and easily with furniture handles too.

Hettich is renowned for its strategic trend research. New impetus is reflected in product design with sound instinct, and this too makes the ProDecor handle collection a rich source for the furniture industry and trades. The ProDecor collection also skilfully interprets today’s prevailing trends, like “copper” and “retro”.

Copper handles add warming highlights in a cool ambience too. “Megina” shows what an impact a handle has on the look of furniture. Photo: Hettich

Full of character, copper sees the return of a classic to the furnishing world: warm and radiant, it harmonises perfectly with wood and leather. Copper adds warming highlights in a cool ambience. And it provides plenty of potential for designing furniture with an individual look: because depending on how and where it is used, the metal sometimes shines in gentle rosé, sometimes in radiant orange and red tones.

The joy of life in 50s and 60s brings the “retro” trend to the rooms of today. Captivating contrasts in shape and colour create an appealing sense of easiness: curved silhouettes meet perfectly straight lines, gentle pastel shades come up against vibrant splashes of colour. The Retro handles from the ProDecor collection can be used to address trends with convincing authenticity – also in combination with other furnishing styles.

Source and photos: Hettich

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