4 pcs round top plate with W1/2 thread, mounting plate, made of solid zinc alloy, 39 mm (1.6″), AD-555-39. Mounting plate, for furniture feet, furniture castors, machine feet, cabinet legs, sofa feet and much more, by Sugatsune / LAMP® (Japan)


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4 pieces round top plate with W1/2 thread and three mounting holes, screw-on plate, made of solid zinc alloy (ZDC), surface: zinc chromate, AD-555-39, size: 39 mm (1.6″)


Mounting plate, for furniture feet, furniture castors, machine feet, cabinet legs, sofa feet and much more.

The AD-555-39 mounting plate is used to fix furniture feet, leveling feet, etc. under furniture, sofas, appliances, machines, etc.

Also suitable for replacing defective furniture feet, furniture castors or sofa feet.

The galvanized surface of the top plate protects it from rust and corrosion.

The high-quality 200-140-077 mounting plates are perfect for:

  • Feet
  • Leveling feet
  • Cabinet castors
  • Articulated feet
  • Legs
  • Adjustable feet
  • Containers
  • Furniture feet
  • Furniture castors
  • Machine feet
  • Cabinet legs
  • Sofa feet

Technical details:

  • Weight: 30 g
  • Size: 39 mm (1.6″)
  • threaded W1/2
  • round
  • with three mounting holes
  • stable
  • Zinc chromate
  • Zinc alloy
  • ZDC
  • high brand quality of Sugatsune / LAMP®


  • Zinc chromate


  • The top plate has three mounting holes with the diameter (⌀d2) ⌀3.2 mm (1/8″) and is attached to the lower surface of the piece of furniture with three screws (not included)
  • The furniture feet or furniture castors, which are equipped with a screw, are then screwed into the thread of the AD-555-39 fastening plate and tightened


  • Diameter of top plate (⌀D): ⌀39 mm (1-17/32″)
  • Height (H): 11 mm (7/16″)
  • Thread (d1): W1/2
  • Mounting hole diameter (⌀d2): ⌀3.2 mm (1/8″)
  • Distance between center point and mounting hole (⌀P): ⌀30 mm (1-3/16″)
  • Material thickness (t): 3 mm (1/8″)
Round top plate with W12 thread, mounting plate, 39 mm, from Sugatsune, AD-555-39, zinc chromate. Technical drawing


For further dimensions and details
see technical drawing


  • The AD-555-39 top plates are made of solid zinc alloy (ZDC)

Included in delivery:

  • 4 pieces of AD-555-39 solid zinc alloy fitting plate, zinc chromate

Manufacturer’s part numbers:

  • Article ID: 200-140-077
  • Item number: AD-555-39
  • EAN Number: 4510932840071

Manufacturer: Sugatsune / LAMP® (Japan)

SUGATSUNE, The manufacturer of the brand LAMP®.

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