4 pieces of drive nut with M6 thread, made of robust steel, surface: galvanized, yellow, 19 mm (0.8″), SC-124-6. Drive-in groove, for screw, sofa base, cabinet base, furniture castor, prefabricated house construction and much more, by Sugatsune / LAMP® (Japan)


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4 pieces drive nut with M6 female thread and four drive tips, screw-on plate, made of robust steel, surface: galvanized, yellow, SC-124-6, size: 19 mm (0.8″)


Drive-in groove, for screws, sofa feet, cabinet feet, furniture castors, prefabricated house construction and much more.

The SC-124-6 thread is used to fasten screws, furniture feet, leveling feet, etc. under furniture, sofas, appliances, machines, etc.

The SC-124-6 Impact Nut can also be used to attach screws, Allen screws, or equipment to a wooden wall or climbing wall.

The high-quality 200-041-281 drive nuts are perfect for:

  • Socket screw
  • Climbing Hold
  • Leveling feet
  • Cabinet castors
  • Legs
  • Adjustable feet
  • Containers
  • Screw
  • Sofa base
  • Wardrobe base
  • Furniture Roll
  • Prefabricated house construction

Technical details:

  • Weight: 3.5 g
  • Size: 19 mm (0.8″)
  • with female thread M6
  • with four stable impact tips
  • stable
  • zinc-plated, yellow
  • Steel
  • robust
  • high brand quality of Sugatsune / LAMP®


  • Galvanized, yellow
  • The galvanized surface protects against rust and corrosion


  • The top plate has four impact tips
  • First of all, a hole with a diameter of ⌀8 mm (5/16″) must be drilled in the furniture floor or wooden wall at the point where the weft thread is to be placed
  • Depending on the specific application, the SC-124-6 drive nut is driven into the plate from the back or from the front
  • Screws, furniture feet or furniture castors equipped with a screw are then screwed into the thread of the SC-124-6 mounting plate and tightened


  • Nut Diameter (⌀D2): ⌀7.5 mm (19/64″)
  • Base diameter (⌀D1): ⌀19 mm (3/4″)
  • Height (H): 9 mm (23/64″)
  • Thread (d): M6
Impact nut with M6 thread, 19 mm, from Sugatsune, SC-124-6, galvanized, yellow. Technical drawing


For further dimensions and details
see technical drawing


  • The SC-124-6 drive nuts are made of robust steel

Included in delivery:

  • 4 pieces of drive nut SC-124-6 made of robust steel, galvanized, yellow

Manufacturer’s part numbers:

  • Article ID: 200-041-281
  • Item number: SC-124-6
  • EAN Number: 4510932034654

Manufacturer: Sugatsune / LAMP® (Japan)

SUGATSUNE, The manufacturer of the brand LAMP®.

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