Pure design: Vauth-Sagel redefines the look and comfort of interior accessories

Purist design for all fitted kitchen systems

It’s a well-known fact that Vauth-Sagel focuses above all on optimum functionality. However, where the new products the company will show at the SICAM 2017 are concerned, it has attached equal importance to the design aspect. With elegant details, Vauth-Sagel is turning the fitted kitchen into a showcase: Planero is the system manufacturer’s first steel shelving and adds quality and a high-spec look to unit interiors. All versions feature a push-to-open mechanism in response to the demand for kitchen furniture that offers a purist look on the outside.

“Above all, we pay attention to people,” Vauth-Sagel’s CEO Claus Sagel summarises the company’s approach. “We accommodate our customers and offer system solutions that provide what our users want. Our focus is on the overall experience of our products.” Planero, the new steel shelving, can for example be fitted with various storage elements to keep everything in order. The lifestyles of the users have a direct impact on the components and the furniture interior. Mechanism-related components are becoming increasingly more invisible – at the same time, these mechanisms now work effortlessly, almost as if by magic. Well-thought-out, systematic products that perfectly organise the interiors of kitchen units – this applies to the corner unit solution CORNERSTONE MAXX, which Vauth-Sagel will be showing at the SICAM, as much as to all of the company’s other products.

Design: The new two-dimensional shelf Planero
Vauth-Sagel TAL Larder Planero. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

“Planero beautifully exemplifies our dynamic development,” says Claus Sagel. The company has specialised in various basket-type storage shelves for decades; usually fashioned from wire mesh, for historic reasons. With its shelf-like design, Planero represents a different approach: It meets the most discerning requirements in terms of design and adds a storage shelf version to the company’s range of shelving products that is customisable, which is what customers want. With Planero, Vauth-Sagel underlines its pioneering role when it comes to purist, streamlined unit interior design.

Vauth-Sagel Fold Planero. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

A thin, powder coated sheet metal edge encloses a wooden shelf protected by a sealing strip on all sides. There are no visible mounting points, and the shelves can simply be removed for cleaning. They are available for all product groups such as, for example, the tall larder unit VS TAL Larder and the new corner unit solution CORNERSTONE MAXX, and also – this version will be launched at the SICAM 2017 – for VS COR Flex.

Purism – push-to-open for all products groups
Vauth-Sagel TAL Gate Planero. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

“Clear, handleless furniture doors are the latest trend and will continue to be popular,” says Claus Sagel. “To meet this customer requirement, we have developed numerous additional features for our range of products without which these design solutions would not be possible.” Now that the border between living spaces and functional areas such as the kitchen are becoming increasingly blurred, the designs for the different zones have to match each other. Handless kitchens blend into interiors more effortlessly. Vauth-Sagel’s new push-top-open feature means that kitchens designed with the company’s system solutions can now be completely handleless. Hardly any effort is required to gain access to storage spaces. Traditional or groove handles are no longer necessary. This new feature also allows large and heavy system components such as VS TAL Larder or VS TAL Gate to be moved with ease and without any effort at all. An additional version for the corner unit system VS COR Flex has been added in time for the SICAM 2017. “Customers, fitters and designers can now be consistent when it comes to their design preferences, and can do so without any sacrifices in terms of the added comfort components they would like to have,” says Claus Sagel.


Source and photos: VAUTH-SAGEL

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