“Push-to-open” made effortless: Kesseböhmer takes handleless opening and closing a step further

The strong contemporary trend to clarity, straight lines and serene elegance has generated minimalistic kitchen designs with smooth handleless fronts for cabinets and drawers. Kesseböhmer is supporting this long-term trend with a new generation of mechanical push-to-open storage fittings for kitchen units. The unobtrusive technology enables user-friendly, emotive opening and closing. At the Interzum from May 16 to 19, 2017 in Cologne, Germany, the company will be showcasing new mechanical “push-to-open” solutions for its lifters and narrow base unit fittings. One welcome benefit is to make push-to-open functionality now an option for virtually the whole kitchen.

A gentle push with your hand or your elbow, or a quick bump with your hip or your knee, triggers the opening movement. Push-to-open functionality is especially useful when you have both hands full. That’s why, at the Interzum, Kesseböhmer will be showcasing a concept for handleless opening for the base units “No. 15” and “Dispensa junior III”.

Kesseböhmer Dispensa junior III push-to-open. Photo: Kesseböhmer

With adapters to integrate the latest “pto” ejector mechanisms available on the market, these fittings will open and close with the same harmonious action as the newest generation of drawer systems.

Kesseböhmer Dispensa junior III push-to-open. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Kesseböhmer is also presenting a further development of the mechanical “pto” functionality for its “FreeLift” family.

The ejector is now significantly more compact and in combination with the new “FreeLift” pto fittings, it makes Kesseböhmer’s entire lifter family ideal for mechanically opening handleless units. Gentle pressure on the front triggers mechanical opening of a generous grip gap. The user can then grip the edge and open the front manually and almost effortlessly to the desired angle.

Kesseböhmer Dispensa junior III push-to-open. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Apart from the lifters, the same ejector model can be used to open the tall storage fittings, “Tandem” and “Tandem solo”. Together with the new push-to-open technology for base units, and the already established “eTouch” electric opening, it extends the scope of Kesseböhmer’s “pto” offering for handleless fronts to fittings for the whole kitchen.


Kesseböhmer FreeLift pto push-to-open. Photo: Kesseböhmer
As an internationally active company group in the metal-processing industry, Kesseböhmer is one of the most successful suppliers to the furniture industry worldwide. Founded in 1954, Kesseböhmer today operates seven production plants in Germany with further plants in Aschach/Austria and Budapest/Hungary. The product portfolio covers fittings systems for the kitchen and mobile home industries, ergonomic systems for office furniture, shopfitting and retail display systems and automotive components. In 2016, the family-run company group with 2550 employees generated sales of around 478 million euros.

Source: Kesseböhmer

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