Quadro for ovens

Easy to clean and full steam ahead

Hettich redefines convenience in the kitchen: Quadro 6 runners ensure a particular pleasant and safe cooking experience combined with extremely easy cleaning. This is why the proven convenience of the Quadro runners has now been carried over from furniture to the oven.

Ovens are increasingly becoming multifunctional talents: Conventional ovens are fading into the background as combined appliances capable of baking and steaming are increasing in popularity. Ovens with interiors to which a special coating has been applied to make them easy to clean or those with self-cleaning programs such as pyrolysis are also in demand. Hettich recognised these trends early on and has aligned its product portfolio to such functions; if the oven interior is easy to clean, then so should the oven runners.

The special coating on the fully-extendible runner Quadro 6 with Clean Plus makes them exceptionally easy to clean. Quadro 6 Pyro was developed especially for self-cleaning pyrolysis ovens and can withstand temperatures of up to 500°C. The runners are left in the oven during the pyrolysis program for simpler and more convenient cleaning. The product range is rounded off by the fully extendible Quadro 6 for steam cookers. This is particularly corrosion- resistant in order to withstand the high humidity levels in the steam cooker.

Designed as a product family

The special coating on the fully extendible runner Quadro 6 with Clean Plus makes them exceptionally easy to clean. Photo: Hettich

Quadro oven runners were designed as a product family. Quadro 3 is a partially-extendible runner with a load capacity of 10 kg, Quadro 6 is an over extension runner offering optimum access and a load capacity of 16 kg. Hettich also offers flexibility when it comes to the position of the runner in the oven: the non detachable Fix Clip or the detachable Comfort Clip. The Comfort Clip enables the telescopic rails to be positioned at various oven rail levels – easily and safely. All Quadro 6 variants can also be fitted with the Perfect Stop engaging function.

Perfect Stop – small feature with big effect
The engaging function Perfect Stop for Quadro 6 fully extendible runners makes handling hot food in front of the oven considerably safer as it prevents the draw runners from slipping back into the oven. Enabling the simple turning or basting of dishes in front of the oven. Besides convenience and safety, the simple, intuitive operation of the engaging function was also a key objective in its development. The latching point is clearly noticeable and a faint click indicates it is safely engaged. Pushing inwards very lightly releases the latch. The Perfect Stop function is fully integrated into the runner and is not visible in the oven. This is in line with the trend towards fully integrated functions.

Source and photos: Hettich

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