Quaturis L from GRASS – the efficient movement system for standard corner cabinets

Making optimum use of storage space is one of the greatest challenges for furniture makers. There is unused potential in almost any house or apartment, and corners often provide space for storage of useful objects. With the new Quaturis L, GRASS supplies an economical movement solution for standard corner cabinets which can be used to make full use of such potential – ergonomically, efficiently and functionally.

With its various wooden shelves and high-quality materials, the Quaturis L corner cabinet system is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is suitable for all standard corner cabinets in the widths 900 mm, 1,000 mm and 1,200 mm, for both left and right-hand cabinets. Its interior is much more than the sum of its parts. From the guide disc that ensures effortless retraction of the upper shelf when the door is closed through to the suspension that bears heavy loads with ease – every small, visible or concealed detail serves a specific purpose and ensures that the entire system leaves a lasting impression. With its modular design, users can select the door connection and damper to suit requirements, offering maximum flexibility and cost efficiency.

Effective combination of form and function with Quaturis L.

Grass Quaturis L. Photo: Grass

The shelves have a bearing capacity of up to 20 kilos, feature infinitely variable height adjustment and can be extended almost completely out of the cabinet. They can be moved individually for maximum convenience and when extended provide full access to the entire drawer area. When the door is closed the shelves automatically move back into the cabinet – an optional damper feature is also available. Installation of the Quaturis L is also very straightforward. The system can be fitted into a space with a minimum clear depth of 490 mm. No additional side attachment is required. The support column is simply screwed to the cabinet base and stretcher.

Source and photos: GRASS

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