raumplus: An Incredible Space-Saver

S1200 Folding And Hinge Door System

raumplus presented two product highlights at the imm cologne 2018, both perfect for confined spaces. The S1200 folding and hinge doors are the newest additions to the S1200 series and both incredible space-savers, making them the ideal solution for small rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

The S1200 folding door is made up of two connected door elements and scores with its super-discreet guide system. The large opening angle allows the storage space behind the door to be maximized to the full. When opened, the door elements concertina together, offering a space-saving alternative to classic hinge doors that pivot.

raumplus folding door system S1200. Photo: raumplus

Two connection fittings (top and bottom) ensure that the folding door
moves smoothly. It is a popular option for rooms where space is tight.
Whether used to conceal cosmetics and towels in the bathroom or cans in
the pantry, the folding door is a true all-rounder!

raumplus folding door system S1200. Photo: raumplus

The S1200 hinge door is the go-to choice for narrow wall niches that are too tight for sliding doors. Just like the folding door, it is custom-made to the customer’s specifications. Since all the fronts of doors in the S1200 product series look the same, the systems can be easily combined.

raumplus hinge door system S1200. Photo: raumplus
raumplus hinge door system S1200. Photo: raumplus

The S1200 folding and hinge doors have received their first nomination before the IMM 2018 show. They are among the nominees for the “Stylepark Selected imm cologne 2018” award. The prestigious online platform for high-end architectural and design products will be showcasing 20 hand-picked new products debuting at the interiors trade fair in a spectacular exhibition that can be seen at Cologne’s down town Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln (MAKK), near the cathedral.

raumplus folding and hinge doors system S1200. Photo: raumplus

Source and photos: raumplus

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