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The RAUVOLET tambour door solutions

Tambour door cabinets are the epitome of the new generation of space savers. The cabinets are the basis for smart space concepts, including options for individuali-sation or branding with a company logo.

They combine functional advantages like mobility and easy operation with new design approaches.

RAUVOLET solutions by REHAU are available in a multitude of materials, mechanisms, surfaces, colours and decorative designs – for a comprehensive range of applications in the kitchen, bathroom, office or living room.

These tambour doors are a special eye-catcher wherever they are installed.

In terms of surface design, the portfolio ranges from polymer variants to genuine glass shutter systems all the way to sound-absorbing solutions for office applications. Since July 2018, REHAU customers can also order exclusive printing via the tambour door configurator.

Thanks to REHAU’s modular system, the RAUVOLET tambour door solutions offer virtually limitless creative options: rail systems, tambour door profiles and the desired accessories are all perfectly compatible and easy to combine.

New: 100 % design match with RAUVISIO crystal
REHAU RAUVOLET crystal-line. Photo: REHAU

With RAUVOLET crystal-line, REHAU can now offer customers a tambour door system to match the RAUVISIO crystal surface.

It lets you combine the fascination of RAUVISIO crystal with the easy installation and perfectly smooth running properties of the RAUVOLET tambour door systems by providing door, drawer and shutter fronts with a coordinated look.

A visually appealing aluminium handle and the reduced rail system make for a modern, purist appearance. Thanks to REHAU’s tried and tested cassette system, RAUVOLET crystal-line is simple and convenient to install, and compels with yet another big plus: the slats can be replaced any time.

New: Design match with RAUVISIO brilliant
REHAU RAUVOLET brilliant-line. Photo: REHAU

The tambour door system RAUVOLET brilliant-line is colour-coordinated with the known polymer surfaces of the RAUVISIO brilliant-line.

Classic doors can therefore be combined tone-for-tone with tambour door covers in kitchen applications or furniture making.

With four colours and four dimensions, the new programme line covers all of the classic cabinet dimensions. The cassette system with C3 winding mechanism makes installing the tambour door in the cabinet body a snap.

Purist design for every room: RAUVOLET vetro-line
REHAU RAUVOLET vetro-line. Photo: REHAU

The fascination of glass combined with easy installation and perfectly smooth running properties. The innovative glass tambour door system RAUVOLET vetro-line embodies design at its most sophisticated.

It brings the attractive look of glass to a variety of rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or other interiors.

The reversible slats of the tam-bour door system are made of particularly scratch-proof, easy-care and easy-to-clean safety glass. Thanks to the slim rail system and the colour-coordinated glass handle, everything looks elegant, harmonious and modern.

The light reflections of the flat fronts create an additional design experience. Like all tambour door systems from REHAU, RAUVOLET vetro-line also has outstanding running properties, is easy and con-venient to install and is available in various colours.

Component standardisation due to uniform sides with a standardised milling pattern for frame 12.5 and vetro-line rear panel system facilitates efficient production and reduction of variants in custom cabinet construction.

Comprehensive service with the RAUVOLET stock programme

REHAU offers a comprehensive tambour door range. Whether in kitchens, offices, living spaces or shopfitting: tambour door cabinets stand out for their attractive designs and easy handling.

Five design lines, seven vertical application methods, nine profile geometries and a wide selection of colours and decorative designs from the REHAU standard stock range provide the building blocks for limitless design creativity.

The REHAU modular design principle makes it so easy to combine tambour door profiles, guide variants and optional accessories.

A wide variety of customised solutions are also possible. Joiners can combine materi-als according to the customer’s wishes using the online tambour door configurator and order them individually. RAUVOLET systems can now also be custom printed using the configurator.

A database with a wide range of motifs offers lots of choices: from landscapes to cool graphics, REHAU has compiled a selection of sophisticated motifs. Of course, the tambour doors can also be printed with the customer’s own image or company logo.


The REHAU Group is a polymer specialist with an annual turnover of over 3.5 billion Euro. It is an independent and stable family-owned company.

Rehau headquarters Rheniumhaus in Rehau / Germany. Photo: REHAU

Some 20,000 employees around the world generate growth and success for REHAU at over 170 locations.

REHAU has about 12,000 employees in Europe, of which 8,000 alone work in Germany.

REHAU provides solutions in the construction, automotive and industry sectors. For over 70 years, it has been REHAU’s mission to make polymer products even lighter, more comfortable, safe and efficient, and it supplies countries around the entire world with its innovative products.

For energy efficient construction, the use of renewable energies and water management as well as for mobility and future living REHAU initiates sustainable contributions to the ecological and economic challenges of tomorrow.

Source and photos: REHAU

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