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Smart furniture and design expertise: REHAU at the SICAM 2018

From 16 to 19 October, Italian city Pordenone will once again become the center of the international furniture supplier industry. At SICAM companies present their contributions to the latest trends in interior design – as it is for Italy with a focus on design. REHAU contributes to SICAM’s ambitious program with its innovative portfolio and, in addition to its creative diversity, shows how furniture can be linked to the digital world.

Stand A12 / 8B11 in Hall 5 will be dominated this year by studies that showcase how forward-looking materials and smart technology go hand in hand. After all, how design solutions can be intelligently networked with digital elements in the future will surprise the inspirational design studies with “smart”. In addition to this innovation, which REHAU will present in various application examples, visitors will also get to know the entire spectrum in the area of furniture solutions – adapted to their specific application and to different living environments.

At SICAM 2018, REHAU will be presenting a large number of innovative, design-oriented products for the furniture industry. Photo: REHAU

It is about digitization, one of the big trends in the furniture industry. How REHAU integrates this development into its material worlds is presented by the company at its 90-square-meter booth in Pordenone.

A key element here is the Smart Sense technology. Placed behind plastic surfaces, for example, it makes them touch-sensitive – opening up a whole host of new areas of application.

In addition to the innovations, REHAU will also be presenting a selection of product highlights at the SICAM 2018. Photo: REHAU

Previously unused areas become functional elements that can, for example, make switch and other controls disappear. Smart Sense can be integrated into various REHAU products.

There are various options with regard to operation: for example, the light on the kitchen cupboard is dimmed using an intuitive wiping motion. Proximity sensors can conjure up a control panel that was previously concealed behind a RAUVISIO surface.

RAUVISIO crystal mirror largely compensates for the disadvantages of a real glass mirror. Photo: REHAU

At SICAM, REHAU will be showing Smart Sense as bathroom applications: as a control panel for lighting control in the shower or with effects in mirror modules.

Of course, in addition to the topic of innovation, REHAU will also present a selection of product highlights from the field of furniture solutions and their possible applications.

The highlight in the edge portfolio of REHAU is the purely polymeric zero-edge RAUKANTEX pro. Photo: REHAU

The products of RAUVISIO surface materials, RAUKANTEX edgeband materials and RAUVOLET roller shutter systems are shown individually in their program width and depth as well as in use. REHAU provides concrete design options and application suggestions for different living environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and living.

Diverse decor and surface textures with RAUVISIO

This year, REHAU once again expanded the range of surface materials RAUVISIO. In addition to new colors and decors, visitors can expect an expanded range of applications.

The glass laminate RAUVISIO crystal is unbreakable, scratch-resistant, significantly lighter and extremely flexible in terms of workmanship. Photo: REHAU

A highlight of this year’s presentation is RAUVISIO brilliant SR. “SR” stands for “Scratch Resistant”, because this version of the acrylic surface is particularly hard-wearing thanks to its hard-coat coating.

In terms of design, there is a novelty in RAUVISIO brilliant SR: the popular surface is now also available in high gloss.

With its edge program RAUKANTEX, REHAU covers all requirements regarding the design and application techniques for edges. Photo: REHAU

The glass laminate RAUVISIO crystal offers many advantages over real glass: it is unbreakable, scratch-resistant, significantly lighter and extremely flexible to work with – like all RAUVISIO surfaces.

Thanks to their material properties, the different RAUVISIO crystal variants can also be milled, bent and finished with inlay work.

Last year, the family was expanded with the addition of RAUVISIO crystal magnetic: The magnetic function creates numerous additional design possibilities – from the magnetic niche in the kitchen to the presentation area in the conference room.

Another highlight is the polymer mirror RAUVISIO crystal mirror, which was awarded with the interzum award last year. RAUVISIO crystal mirror largely compensates for the disadvantages of a real glass mirror – it is 50% lighter and 10 times more resistant to fracture than glass and, like all RAUVISIO products, can be processed with common woodworking tools.

The high gloss laminate RAUVISIO brilliant is permanently UV and scratch resistant and has an excellent color quality, while the structure laminate RAUVISIO wave is characterized by its surface in wave optics.

RAUVISIO mineral makes almost every design idea a reality – precisely according to the specifications of the planner, individually according to the wishes of the customer. With excellent processing characteristics and a comprehensive range of decor, with a wide selection of plates, basins and sinks, the solid surface material not only offers a variety of uses, but also high quality and a variety of design benefits – ideal for individual and design-oriented interiors.

The ideal edge for every requirement

With this promise, REHAU has developed into a leading edge band supplier. REHAU looks back on more than 40 years of decor and design expertise around the edge and has set numerous milestones in the evolutionary history of the edge.

With its edge program RAUKANTEX, REHAU covers all requirements regarding the design and application techniques for edges – and continues to develop them.

REHAU offers more than 20,000 edge designs for perfectly fitting surface finishes that meet all the requirements of processors in terms of design, function and workmanship.

“Our success is based on decades of know-how in the edge segment. No matter what requirements our customers have, we are sure to find the ideal edge. As a reliable partner of the international furniture industry, we have proven this time and time again. Our experience in the realization of decors makes a wide spectrum possible, from the smallest of shades through to natural wood or stone looks, “emphasizes Matthias Haasler, Head of the Surface Business Unit.

The highlight in the edgeband portfolio of REHAU is the purely polymeric zero-edge RAUKANTEX pro, which will also be presented at the SICAM 2018: The special polymer functional layer, which is precisely matched to the visible side of the edge, achieves optical, functional and durable, jointless high scores.

Functionality, paired with high-quality optics by RAUVOLET roller shutters
The RAUVOLET tambour door systems can be realized in all living spaces thanks to the versatile optical possibilities.

The functional characteristics of a polymer roller shutter system with the appealing look in many trend colors or in wood look as well as the simple and fast assembly characterize the product line.

A material highlight is the new glass roller shutter system RAUVOLET vetro-line: With the noble real glass slats and the filigree guide system, the roller shutter system forms harmonious and flat fronts, which create an additional design experience in the room with light reflections.

The classic RAUVOLET metallic-line ensures a puristic look. It combines the high-quality metal optics of solid aluminum or stainless steel with the comfortable, functional properties of polymer roller shutter systems.

And, like all roller shutter systems in the RAUVOLET series, it offers maximum flexibility: Thanks to the REHAU modular principle, roller shutter profiles, guide variants and the required accessories can be easily combined.


The REHAU Group is a polymer specialist with an annual turnover of over 3.5 billion Euro. It is an independent and stable family-owned company.

Rehau headquarters Rheniumhaus in Rehau / Germany. Photo: REHAU

Some 20,000 employees around the world generate growth and success for REHAU at over 170 locations.

For energy efficient construction, the use of renewable energies and water management as well as for mobility and future living REHAU initiates sustainable contributions to the ecological and economic challenges of tomorrow.

Competence and innovation have made the company the leading system and service provider of polymer-based solutions in the construction, automotive and industrial sectors.

The passion for the fascinating unlimited potential of polymer materials is a prerequisite for REHAU in order to be successful as a leading premium brand worldwide.

Source and photos: REHAU

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