SALICE Pin: The Innovative Display Storage System

Personalisation and complete versatility.

SALICE Pin is the innovative and revolutionary display storage system. Available in three versions, Pin Wine, Pin Knife and Pin Shelf, Pin allows the most flexible and creative arrangement of bottles, knives and shelves.

The elegant, design-oriented and highly refined SALICE Pin has streamlined aesthetics and quick and intuitive assembly. This system is available in aluminium and titanium finishes, complementing all kinds of room settings, furniture and applications.

The Pin brackets can be moved easily and positioned anywhere with an ingenious fixing system that is extremely strong and stable.

SALICE Pin Knife enables kitchen knives of any shape and size to be arranged in the most functional and personal way.

The SALICE Pin Knife system fixed on a wood panel presents a highly functional and secure storage system for cook’s knives. Photo: SALICE

Thanks to this arrangement, the knives are easily available while cooking and the wood panel gives an additional aesthetic value. The innovative compression spring mechanism allows the blades of the knives to be stably and securely fixed.

The highly flexible and innovative combination of the SALICE Pin Wine
brackets creates “made-to-measure” arrangements, using both standard,
small and even “magnum” bottles.

SALICE Pin Wine can be used thanks to its versatility to create bespoke arrangements to integrate into kitchen units. Photo: SALICE

SALICE Pin Wine is also equipped with an information label, onto which wine description and characteristics can be inscribed. The label perfectly integrates with the display storage system.


Salice holds a well-established position worldwide by virtue of its natural talent for innovation, careful attention to quality, efficiency of customer service, and reliability earned during more than 80 years of experience.

The SALICE Pin Shelf system can also be used with free-standing bars. Photo: SALICE

With 600 employees, a range of more than 3.000 products, an export ratio of 75% of turnover to more than 65 countries, 9 overseas subsidiaries and a network of sole agents and distributors covering all industrialised countries, Salice is one of the most prestigious brands among the small, medium-sized and large companies in the furniture industry.

Source and photos: SALICE

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