SALICE: The Revolutionary Hinge


Consistent with the aesthetics of the first generation of Silentia, with identical dimensions and shape, Silentia+ incorporates new technological innovations that place this hinge at the forefront of decelerated closing systems.

Now with two integrated silicone oil dampers, the Salice Silentia Plus range of soft-close hinges guarantees an exceptional consistency in decelerating strength under any conditions across the whole range. Photo: SALICE

The decelerating effect is derived from twin silicone-oil dampers, housed in the hinge cup, which guarantee exceptional consistency of deceleration in all operating conditions and optimum closing action with all kinds of door and in all applications.

Moreover, if you want to adjust the decelerating effect, Silentia+ is equipped with a discreet switch to adjust the deceleration mechanism. The switch enables the closing speed of any size or shape of door to be perfectly adjusted.

Salice Silentia Plus hinges are also equipped with an innovative switch to delay the decelerating action. The activation of this switch allows the ideal closing strength to be achieved for all door sizes and weights. Photo: SALICE

Silentia+ is available in a range of hinge applications that is truly comprehensive, including opening angles, thicker doors, aluminium-framed doors and special angled assemblies.

In addition, Salice Silentia Plus hinges have identical dimensions and shape to the previous generation of Silentia hinges. This allows complete interchangeability of hinges inside the cabinet and during the drilling and installation process. Photo: SALICE

Salice holds a well-established position worldwide by virtue of its natural talent for innovation, careful attention to quality, efficiency of customer service, and reliability earned during more than 80 years of experience.

Salice Silentia+ allows a perfect and constant closing of the door in any condition, use and application. Photo: SALICE

With 600 employees, a range of more than 3.000 products, an export ratio of 75% of turnover to more than 65 countries, 9 overseas subsidiaries and a network of sole agents and distributors covering all industrialised countries, Salice is one of the most prestigious brands among the small, medium-sized and large companies in the furniture industry.

Salice Silentia+ hinges with adjustable integrated soft-close mechanism operated by twin silicone-oil dampers housed in the hinge cup. Photo: SALICE

Source: SALICE

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