SCHOCK: Gold is en Vogue

Golden Days in SCHOCK’s Anniversary Year

With the founding of SCHOCK 95 years ago and the invention of the quartz composite sink, a golden era of sink design began. And in this anniversary year, these Golden Years of SCHOCK manifest themselves in two ways.

With the new CRISTADUR®, SCHOCK has made its best material even better – setting a new yardstick in the gold standard of the sink world. The best ever CRISTADUR® is even more hard-wearing, robust and easy to clean. CRISTADUR® also shows off its colours to even better effect now.

Golden colour collections are the second expression of the golden anniversary year: gold is en vogue. It is an expression of glamour, value and purity. Gold has always fascinated people. Whether you combine it with natural, dark woods or use it to contrast with concrete surfaces, gold is here to stay in interior design. In this anniversary year, SCHOCK will add some new facets to the on-trend colour.


The new Gold Brass finish adds a light brown shade to the CRISTADUR® colour collection. The brass in the name combines with the golden hue to produce a slight metallic-green shimmer under certain lighting. Gold Brass can be combined with many kitchen finishes: blended with dark wood such as certain oaks, American walnut or teak wood from certified sources, the kitchen exudes an air of luxury.

The CRISTALITE® Golden Line is also growing: Cascada is a new and fashionable colour reminiscent of the golden age. Cascada is a dark cream with a hint of gold, which is a perfect match for the big interior-design trends of the day and cuts a fine figure surrounded by natural finishes and coarse woods as well as in an industrial-style setting.

SCHOCK Fibre Rock chopping board. Photo: SCHOCK

A golden thread runs through the entire product range: SCHOCK has also introduced a new White Gold finish for its mixer taps and sink trim. This is a colour currently experiencing a renaissance in the handles of kitchen drawers and cabinets. Along with the familiar Copper and Gunmetal finishes, cool Champagne Gold also joins the ranks of the PVD coatings.

White Gold is available as an exclusive upgrade for CRISTADUR® sink trim (pop-up, basket strainer, drain cup and overflow cover). And matching mixer taps come in the fixed spout versions of the Dion designer tap, the new Resi farmhouse-style tap and the Kavus and Laios models, all of which will be available in White Gold.

Brilliant Explosion of New Products with Material Innovation

95 years of SCHOCK, 40 years of SCHOCK sinks – the manufacturer of quartz composite sinks and high-quality mixer taps is not only coming to area30 with two anniversaries to celebrate. As an innovation driver brimming with the spirit of invention, SCHOCK is also bringing numerous innovations to the exhibition grounds in East Westphalia. Alongside new sinks, accessories and mixer taps, the focus is on material innovation.

SCHOCK Tia large strainer bowl. Photo: SCHOCK

Always looking to make the best even better, sink pioneer SCHOCK has further enhanced its exclusive CRISTADUR® material. With an improved formula, the new CRISTADUR® is taking the world of sinks by storm. It is even more elastic, easy to clean as ever, even more long lasting and therefore even higher quality.

SCHOCK offers ideas for where and how to use stylish gold hues on several levels at area30. As the first colour for the new CRISTADUR® finish, SCHOCK has added Gold Brass to its portfolio, a shade of brown a touch lighter than bronze which give a sense of luxury. The CRISTALITE® Golden Line has acquired a new shade called Cascada.

SCHOCK GoldBrass WhiteGold. Photo: SCHOCK

Behind the name is a dark cream colour, which also conveys a hint of the much-loved precious metal. There’s golden news for the mixer taps range, too: SCHOCK is introducing a new White Gold finish for various mixer taps and trim parts to go with CRISTADUR® sink models. And alongside the on-trend finishes Copper and Gunmetal, cool Champagne Gold is another PVD coating.

The sink is much more than just a sink. Nowadays it is a central area for prepping food. SCHOCK has long been driving this trend towards multifunctionality with cleverly designed sinks and matching accessories – making the concept available for every size of space. The well-known models Prepstation D-150 and Mono D-100XS are just two examples.

SCHOCK silicone drain mat. Photo: SCHOCK

New additions to the range – the Greenwich N-100XL and Greenwich N-200 models – are two classic undermount sinks featuring no drainer and an integrated lip. While the Greenwich N-100XL with its external dimensions of 750 x 456 mm boasts one large sink, the Greenwich N-200 has the same dimensions split between two sinks.

What both models have in common is that they fully live up to their reputation as multifunctional, professional sinks with interesting accessories: In addition to wooden and plastic chopping boards, a rack to hold Gastronorm accessories creates an interface to professional-style extras.

SCHOCK Evinas. Photo: SCHOCK

As stylish extensions to the SCHOCK portfolio, a portable draining board available in silicone or stainless steel finish and a designer draining rack in various colour variants are perfect companions for various undermount sinks.

SCHOCK will be unveiling a highlight in the form of the new Tia D-100L. The first sink to be seen in the new CRISTADUR® material not only shines with its perfect finish; with genuinely clever and practical accessories it is also a real help in the kitchen.

This new model is an excellent match for the increased demand for large sink bowls – and it’s not the only one: the above-mentioned Greenwich undermount models and the Ronda D-100XL and Wembley D-100L are also great for fans of large sinks.

SCHOCK Laios Copper. Photo: SCHOCK

SCHOCK boasts a second material innovation in its accessories range. Fibre-Rock is a new, matt black chopping board finish that combines the properties of a wide variety of materials: It is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, has a cut-resistant, smooth surface and at the same time is easy on the knife blade. Fits all 500 mm wide sinks.

SCHOCK supports the trend towards multifunctionality with its new mixer taps, too. Boasting technical refinements such as the ultra-quiet aerator for a soft and quiet water jet, or the pull-out spout to increase your radius of action at the sink, SCHOCK mixer taps are state of the art. At the same time, it is the designs that ensure maximum diversity in the kitchen.

SCHOCK Laios W Pull Out. Photo: SCHOCK

SCHOCK has developed six new mixer taps for the 2020 portfolio: the Resi, a high-quality farmhouse mixer tap, the industrial-style Tanos, the semi-professional Sina, the Papilio with its unusually flat spout, the Evinas entry-level mixer tap and the flexible Laios W suitable for installation right in front of the window.

Premium Sink Helps with the Food Prep

The experience of 40 years of sink history and the customer needs of the future have been combined by the innovative manufacturer of quartz composite sinks and high-grade mixer taps in the Tia D-100L. The new sink model is part of the explosion of new products that SCHOCK is unveiling in 2019, the company’s anniversary year, and will of course be presented in the new CRISTADUR® finish.


The best ever CRISTADUR® is based on an improved formula. It is easy to clean, even more hard-wearing than before and even higher quality. And on the outside, the patented premium finish boasts a compelling silky texture and feel and a range of intensely shimmering colours. Its premiumness is also reflected in the new Tia D-100L model. The sink’s innovative design translates into a genuine sink experience throughout the entire lifetime of the product – in both design and functionality.

Customers in the premium segment have especially high expectations of their sink: It must be able to do far more than the sink of yesteryear. Today’s sink is a food prep zone and should be able to support its users during this process as well as the subsequent clearing up. SCHOCK has been pursuing this aspiration in innovative designs for quite some time – and the first model released for the launch of the new CRISTADUR® finish is no exception: The Tia D-100L is special!


The new sink, measuring 1000 x 500 mm, is designed to fit in a 60 cm base cabinet. With a width of 472 mm and a depth of 198 mm, the sink boasts a generous amount of space in line with what today’s kitchen users want. Its straight-line design featuring an all-round moulded edge reminiscent of a shell gives the sink its special character and lends it a timeless, harmonious style – and prevents any water or dirt from overflowing onto the worktop. Customers can choose from nine CRISTADUR® colours.

The Tia also has a great deal of functionality to offer: Its large sink bowl features an integrated lip for hanging and laying accessories, some of which have been specially designed for this model, opening up a whole new dimension for sink usage. The optional accessories include a set of variously sized functional trays in dark plastic: The large colander bowl serves as a temporary place to put offcuts during food prep and is easily lifted out of the sink thanks to its side handles.

SCHOCK Laios WhiteGold. Photo: SCHOCK

The three small lidded containers are great for storing food and stack conveniently in the refrigerator for example. The three small containers fit inside the large colander. The result is a clean and tidy sink at all times. Even your dishwashing brush and sponge can simply disappear in the space between the large and small bowls.

A multifunctional rack is also available to hold Gastronorm containers or other kitchen utensils – just perfect for the semi-pro cooks among SCHOCK’s customers. And the multifunctional range is rounded off by further optional accessories, such as trim parts available in different looks, alongside chopping boards in the new Fibre-Rock material and foldable draining racks in various finishes.

SCHOCK Launches Mixer Taps Offensive

In the kitchen, the sink and surrounding area are of crucial importance. As a place for prepping food, a help when cooking and a cleaning zone, the sink fulfils a variety of functions. That is why SCHOCK is not only constantly rethinking the quartz composite sink but also chooses to give it the perfect complement: SCHOCK mixer taps.

SCHOCK Wembley GoldBrass. Photo: SCHOCK

SCHOCK is now expanding its portfolio for 2020 with a real mixer taps offensive in its anniversary year 2019. The new and exclusive designs suit the most diverse of kitchen architectures, from cool, industrial-vibe loft to farmhouse kitchen.

The farmhouse kitchen is back on consumers’ minds, the trend regaining some its old popularity. The Resi is SCHOCK’s response. The high-grade farmhouse mixer tap made of solid stainless steel embodies a feeling of home and is also available in the new White Gold PVD coating. The ultra-quiet aerator ensures a soft, quiet water jet at high flow rates – keeping things nice and peaceful in the cooking zone.

SCHOCK Evinas Pull Out. Photo: SCHOCK

At the other end of the style scale is the industrial vibe. It channels the functional, rugged look of industrial plants – and is one of the style-defining trends of recent years. The Tanos is a mixer tap that picks up on the theme, bringing a factory look into the kitchen.

The stainless steel effect provides a high-quality aesthetic, while the ultra-quiet aerator, which produces a smooth jet of water with less splashing, and the choice between fixed and pull-out spout offer maximum convenience. An additional design highlight is the attractive knurled finish on the pull-out spout.

SCHOCK Evinas Fixed. Photo: SCHOCK

The new semi-professional Sina mixer tap is aimed at the ambitious cook, bringing something of the restaurant kitchen into your own home – and providing just the support you need during the cooking process.

For example, the pull-out spout featured on the full stainless steel mixer tap extends your radius of action when rinsing things at the sink and you can also switch between beam and shower jet to suit your needs. The height of the mixer tap is specially chosen to fit nicely under wall units.

The various zones of the home are merging – a longstanding trend that shows no sign of abating. With the Papilio, SCHOCK now has a mixer tap in its range that boasts a bold design and an unusually flat spout. The Papilio brings a bathroom sink look to the kitchen and is available in chrome and nine CRISTADUR® colours.

SCHOCK stainless steel drainer tray. Photo: SCHOCK

The Evinas complements the mixer taps portfolio with its classic design: The brushed full stainless steel mixer tap has been designed to appeal to traditional kitchen buyers and is available with either a fixed spout featuring an ultra-quiet aerator or with a shower head spray.

To provide a solution for every kind of kitchen architecture, the Laios W rounds off the range of new products. The under-window mixer tap features a bayonet catch and the popular L-shaped spout. This full stainless steel model also creates a peaceful working atmosphere in the kitchen thanks to the ultra-quiet aerator. The Laios W comes in two versions with a fixed spout or a pull-out spout.

SCHOCK design drip grid Brushed Copper. Photo: SCHOCK

With the kitchen sink evolving into a food prep space and a design feature, the focus is increasingly turning to the kitchen tap. So, besides adding new mixer taps, SCHOCK is expanding its existing portfolio to include new colours and coatings – giving you even more freedom to express your individuality in your choice of kitchen tap.

The Kavus and Laios will be available in the PVD coatings White Gold, Copper and Gunmetal, too; the Laios will also be available in nine CRISTADUR® colours.

Source and pictures: SCHOCK

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