Schwinn: Lights up handles

Moving furniture parts under power

At ZOW 2020 in Bad Salzuflen, Schwinn fittings GmbH, Ober-Ramstadt, showed a way to illuminate handles on moving furniture parts.

With the aim of reducing the complexity of assembly, the company has registered two utility models: The development of the LED went hand in hand with that of a swivel arm to conduct electricity in pull-outs and drawers.

The “Schwinn Light System” expands the repertoire to individually design furniture fronts.

The latest light guide technology behind the “Schwinn Light System” is invisible in off mode. Photo: Schwinn

The innovation is based on the vision of enriching handles with a new dimension and giving rooms an atmosphere.

Up to now, decorative fittings only had an effect on their shape, material and surface, you can now also use your light to influence the overall room design.

The product is based on the latest light guide technology, which is invisible in off mode.

The length-independent LED strips are glued to the profiles at the factory, but can also be retrofitted.

The LED strips are independent of length and are either glued to the profiles at the factory or retrofitted. Photo: Schwinn

In another system, the lighting is controlled by light-guiding knurled screws.

The supply line, a flexible ribbon cable, can be hidden and glued without damage around the front edges or run over cable bridges from revolving doors.

A swivel arm for a pull-out length of at least 55 cm ensures reliable power supply in moving furniture parts such as pull-outs and drawers. It disappears between the cabinet and pull-out rear panels and does not interfere with the opening and closing movements.

In addition to stripes, the lighting in the “Schwinn Light System” can also be controlled using light-guiding knurled screws. Photo: Schwinn

The light can be controlled classically using hand and foot switches, but also by remote control or proximity sensor and even digitally using a smartphone or by voice.

The LEDs can not only be switched on and off, but also dimmed in their intensity and provided with effects, and can take on various light colors from warm and cold white (CCT) to RGB / RGBW. When using multiple controllers, the illuminated handles fit intelligently into holistic smart home solutions.

About Schwinn Beschläge

Founded in 1932 by Peter Schwinn in Ober-Ramstadt (Germany) as a resin turning shop with two employees, today Schwinn Beschläge GmbH develops, manufactures and sells furniture handles and knobs made of steel, plastic and die-cast zinc for the kitchen, bathroom and home furniture industry worldwide the specialized trade.

The company sees itself as a system supplier, development partner and problem solver: from product and design development through toolmaking and production to the diverse surface refinement and assembly, Schwinn offers everything from a single source.

Source and photos: Schwinn Beschläge

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