Sliding door system for the premium segment

InLine XL from Hettich

InLine XL is the premium sliding door system for flush fitted fronts. InLine XL provides maximum design flexibility, particularly in the use of handles. As InLine XL lets sliding doors open from the door’s outermost edge, it provides the option of creating handleless fronts.

InLine XL can be used in many different applications: for wood or aluminium-frame doors up to 2,600 mm high, door widths from 750 to 2,000 mm and door thicknesses from 16 to 25 mm. The fitting is designed for doors weighing as much as 60 kg. An added touch of luxury and convenience comes from Silent System that gently and quietly slows doors down in the opening and closing direction.

Sliding doors are also being used more and more in the kitchen to hide away electrical appliances and provisions. Photo: Hettich

When open, sliding doors are left completely flush, one in front of the other. This makes internal pot-and-pan drawer particularly easy to use – entirely without the need for spacers. Large, floor-toceiling cabinets are easy to create with InLine XL because the integrated height-adjustment facility is easy to reach with the doors in place, making them convenient to adjust for precision alignment. Infinitely adjustable door reveal and door tilt adjustment also help to give frontages a look of perfection.

InLine XL is the premium-segment sliding door system from Hettich for flush fitted fronts. Photo: Hettich

The preassembled fitting sets make short work of installation and ensure great results every time. Practical: there are just ten different sets to cover all door widths. This reduces inventory costs and simplifies logistics.

Source and photos: Hettich

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