Smart furniture solution combining elegant design with impressive flexibility

Pecasa is peka’s latest shelf system: it consists of a few simple, but highly versatile components that can be combined in an infinite variety of ways. The system is built around a central column to which shelves and storage boxes can be attached in any configuration the user wants. Its stylish design and outstanding flexibility make Pecasa a winning solution for living areas, offices, bedrooms, dressing rooms and public spaces.

Peka Pecasa in the dressing room. Photo: Peka

Pecasa opens up a world of possibilities for furnishing rooms: users can choose whether to kit out the central column with steel shelves, storage boxes or shelf supports, and if they opt for shelf supports, they can ask their joiner to fit them with wooden or glass inlays, depending on their own personal preferences.

Peka Pecasa in the living room. Photo: Peka

With its clean, linear design and extremely easy assembly, Pecasa is the perfect addition to any room. A number of ingenious details set the system apart, as Sandra Weber Blättler, Deputy CEO of manufacturer peka-metall AG, explains: “Take, for instance, the cable tidy that is built into the central profile. It is big enough to take all the cables from the lighting system, TV, stereo system and other devices and hide them away out of sight. No more jumbles of cables cluttering up furniture surfaces – Pecasa offers a smart furniture solution to the problem.”

Smart furniture – a simple system with sophisticated features

Peka Pecasa in the living office. Photo: Peka

But that is not Pecasa’s only standout feature. If they so desire, users can fit a lighting system to the shelves: each shelf – which, it goes without saying, can be positioned wherever the user wants – can be connected to a low-voltage cable in the cable tidy using special terminals. The muted LED light along the shelves creates a pleasant ambiance in any room.

Peka Pecasa as wardrobe. Photo: Peka

Pecasa can be customised with a variety of sheet metal accessories. Sandra Weber Blättler lists some of the options: “We have clothes rails, hook rails, trouser racks and shoe shelves for dressing rooms and wardrobes – these are a smart, practical way of storing clothes and shoes. And you could mount a mirror, picture, TV or screen on the wall support.” Not to mention bookshelves, storage boxes, smart furniture boxes or toolboxes, all of which are made of sheet metal and are available in two of the latest must-have colours, burgundy and moss green. The system itself is available in anthracite and white.

Peka Pecasa on the Interzum 2017 stand of Peka. Photo: Peka

Source: peka

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