SUGATSUNE: Interzum 2019

New innovative furniture fittings

At the international trade fair Interzum 2019 in Cologne, the Japanese manufacturer SUGATSUNE will be presenting many new, innovative solutions for cabinets, flaps and interior design at its stand in Hall 7.1 D.058. For the furniture manufacturers, designers and interior designers, more than 1,000 innovative products can be seen on the stand.

The lid-stay AILERON

The special feature of the flap fitting Aileron by SUGATSUNE is that you do not need to attach anything to the cabinet side. The flap is fastened exclusively by hinges. This makes it possible to realize almost “infinitely long” flaps.

The Aileron lid stay is the perfect symbiosis of function and design. For the first time ever the concealed cabinet hinge can be enhanced to offer lift support & soft closing motions, that previously were only achievable by a separately mounted arm or stay.

The new flap fitting Aileron by SUGATSUNE can also be used for the top-opening flaps. Photo: Sugatsune

The Aileron has been specially developed for the Olympia concealed hinge, to support upward opening cabinet doors as well as top-opening lids.

Combined with the Olympia hinge, three unique mechanisms have been fitted into one easy to install package. The Aileron offers lift support, soft close and free stop motion – the ability to leave the flap open at any desired position. In addition, the soft-close is adjustable in 5 steps to ensure the correct closing speed for any application.

The Aileron is attached to the hinge by a simple clip-on mechanism, saving not only time but also space for maximum use of the cabinet interior.

As less hardware is required to achieve the same end result, the Aileron offers an overall elegant solution that is both highly functional and discreet in design. This is not only advantageous to the end user, but also to resellers as less stock holding is required for this more compact, combined package.

The Olympia concealed hinge

The Olympia hinge is the very pinnacle of soft-closing mechanisms. The innovative rotary damper is not only extremely compact for a sleek overall design, its force can also be adjusted in 5 steps. This unique function enables differently sized doors to all be closed in unison.

The compact size of the damper has made it possible to access the 3-way adjustment screws all from the top of the hinge, which in turn has reduced the size of the mounting plate.

A further innovation is the mounting plate attachment. Unlike traditional concealed hinges which must be mounted in a ‘front-first’ fashion, the Olympia can be mounted by simply pushing it from the top. This not only saves time on installation, but can be a life saver when 3 or more hinges are fitted. No more fighting between hinges, each hinge can easily be clipped in place one after the other.

To further prove its commitment to innovation and quality Sugatsune has rigorously tested the Olympia hinge to over 200,000 cycles.


Sugatsune Kogyo Co. was founded in 1930 in Tokyo / Japan. Now the company employs 460 employees and has offices in eight countries. The product range comprises more than 20.000 hardware items branded with LAMP® and ZweiL®, which are inspiring furniture producers and architects around the globe with extraordinary technical and design solutions.

Since 2016 Sugatsune Europe in Düsseldorf / Germany is taking care of the European market providing a modern logistic center and a competent multilingual customer service team.

Source and photos: Sugatsune

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