New BLANCO ARTAGO bowl line in Silgranit PuraDur

The art of contrasts

They are both primeval symbols and their respective counterparts: circle and square. The new high-end line Artago made of Silgranit PuraDur features both basic geometric shapes as key design elements. The innovative round bowl with square outer contours is fascinating with its contrasting design and makes for exciting highlights in contemporary kitchens. Two models will be premièred at the international LivingKitchen fair: Blanco Artago 6 IF/A SteelFrame and Blanco Artago 6.

With Artago 6 IF/A SteelFrame, the presentation of opposites is expressed most strikingly as it addresses shape, colour and material in equal measure. As the round Silgranit bowl is surrounded by a square stainless steel frame that is a mere 0.8 mm high, the result


BLANCO PLEON bowl series made of Silgranit PuraDur

Lots of functions, terrific colours, timeless design

The new premium bowl line Blanco Pleon in Silgranit PuraDur offers plenty of design freedom and flexibility. With its linear design, eye-catching corner and base radii and generous dimensions, it delights in all ten colours in the CombiColours range. There are three designs to choose from, all notable for their particularly spacious bowls with the exceptional depth of 220 mm that will meet with equal enthusiasm in a family kitchen, apartment or office kitchen.

The Blanco Pleon 6 Split has one particular trump up its sleeve: the centre rib of only 10 cm connects the main and additional bowls. This creates three functional areas that can be used separately as required: a main


SteelArt: Now also BLANCO ZEROX undermount bowls in DURINOX

Extremely hard, puristic and elegant

The market launch of stainless steel kitchen worktops in Durinox some years ago was a quantum leap for the Blanco SteelArt high-tech production facility. The fantastic looks and excellent performance characteristics of this fascinating material innovation are unparalleled. Because the remarkable thing about Durinox is that it is extremely resistant to scratching and more than twice as hard as conventional stainless steel. Another characteristic feature is the matt velvet look of its homogeneous surface. Four Zerox undermount bowls were recently added to the SteelArt programme. Matching the 40 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm wide base cabinets, these eye-catching models extend the range of planning options.

The new undermount bowls are known for