BLANCO: New stainless steel sink series CLASSIMO

A modern classic with clever details

Stainless steel is the classic sink material and has been tried and tested millions of times. The elegant material blends harmoniously into any kitchen design and is extremely durable.

For kitchens where functionality is paramount and ease of use should not be neglected, Blanco now has a new performance class of stainless steel sinks with the Classimo family.

It inspires with its timeless design, generous bowl volume and trumps with extra features that make every handle on the sink more comfortable. Classimo thus exceeds the common standards in its category.

The modern InFino drain system and the concealed C-overflow overflow are integrated in all models. In addition – another novelty in this sink category … [READ MORE]

BLANCO: food waste collection system

Silgranit sink BLANCO COLLECTIS 6 S with food waste storage

Collection system

Market-fresh ingredients, a good recipe idea, a passion for cooking: and your favourite dish is practically done. To make sure that the many stages in between, such as peeling and chopping the ingredients and getting rid of the scraps, do not detract in any way from the cooking pleasure, Blanco has now developed a sink that also deals with food waste. Blanco Collectis 6 S is the name of the clever organisational talent in Silgranit PuraDur that plays its strengths in direct combination with the waste systems Blanco Select and Blanco Flexon II.

In addition to its functional values, Collectis 6 S delights with a modern design with


Impressive: the new drain remote controls by BLANCO

Individual and unmistakeable

Smart and elegant – the innovative InFino drain system for premium and high-end sinks. The modern drain, which is virtually flush in the base of the bowl, is controlled by an intuitive turning motion – and also by remote control if desired. To achieve this, Blanco now presents the new “Advanced” segment with two innovative operating concepts that add an individual, very special touch to contemporary kitchens. Blanco SensorControl Blue embodies the ultimate in design, comfort and technology. A gentle touch of the flat, round control surface is all it takes for InFino to open and close reliably without having to reach into the dishwater.

A clever eye-catcher and visual feedback for the user is provided by


Innovative and smart: the new BLANCO InFino drain system

Totally new torque

Aesthetically appealing solutions that are well-planned down to the last detail – another Blanco quality. The latest coup from the sink specialists concerns water drainage and its control, the essential feature at the heart of every bowl. The innovative drain system celebrating its première at Gut Böckel is called Blanco InFino, and can be used for all the manufacturer’s sink materials. Operation is intuitive and the technology is fascinating: a simple turning movement to left or right will open and close it. The height of the strainer basket does not vary, but instead – thanks to the new operating principle – it always remains precisely centred and flush to the base of the bowl. The modern, flat