BLANCO: The sink for fans of the country-house look

Blanco Faron XL 6 S in Silgranit PuraDur

Wood, tiles, stone and other natural materials create a cosy look in the kitchen. Well-designed details and high-tech features that offer maximum convenience are hugely popular when it comes to functional equipment to assist cooking. For those who love the modern country house look, Blanco  has a particularly charming and contemporary Silgranit PuraDur sink among its range: Faron XL 6 S features a design that interprets distinctive elements of the country-house style in an elegant new way.

The sink for fans of the country-house look: the Blanco Faron XL 6 S sink has particular appeal. It adeptly reinterprets traditional elements of the country-house style and offers impressive convenience and decorative accessories. Photo:

New BLANCO ARTAGO bowl line in Silgranit PuraDur

The art of contrasts

Blanco Artago 6 IF/A SteelFrame is one of the most striking presentations of opposites in shape, colour and material. The innovative high-end round bowl in Silgranit PuraDur with a square outer contour in brushed stainless steel adds striking accents in modern interiors, and above all enhances the confident individuality of urbane, puristic interior architecture. Photo: Blanco

They are both primeval symbols and their respective counterparts: circle and square. The new high-end line Artago made of Silgranit PuraDur features both basic geometric shapes as key design elements. The innovative round bowl with square outer contours is fascinating with its contrasting design and makes for exciting highlights in contemporary kitchens. Two models will be premièred at the international


New generation: Silgranit sink line BLANCO CLASSIC Neo

New look classic

For the first time, this classic is now available in the XL format: BLANCO CLASSIC Neo XL 6 S scores with its extra large bowl. Photo: Blanco

When planning a new kitchen, well-planned, functional solutions are tantamount, especially around the sink area where most preparation takes place. The BLANCO CLASSIC Neo has been launched to provide such a solution. The hugely successful precursor, the BLANCO CLASSIC, is now presented with an entirely new look and some exclusive, practical additions.

The BLANCO CLASSIC Neo 5 S for the 50cm base unit has an additional, practical outlet between the drainer and the main bowl. Photo: Blanco

The high-quality sink line, CLASSIC Neo is available in four versions for the


BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus brings steam cooking to the domestic market

The perfect plus

Ergonomic: the Silgranit BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 S SteamerPlus sink is designed for maximum flexibility and makes light work of the whole steaming process. Photo: Blanco

Steam cooking has long been a staple of professional caterers and, with the help of modern appliances, this gentle cooking method is also finding its way into the domestic sphere. Steamed fish, meat and vegetables retain almost all of their natural nutrition, flavour and aroma. To make the preparation and presentation of steamed food even easier, BLANCO has developed a Silgranit sink designed specifically to accommodate steaming accessories.

Steam cooking has long been a staple of professional caterers and, with the help of modern appliances, this gentle cooking method is also

More space and a new look: BLANCODELTA II corner sink

Bull’s-eye for the kitchen corner

The latest generation of the popular DELTA corner sink in Silgranit PuraDur is now available in the form of the BLANCODELTA II. Delta II is notable for its modern design and larger main bowl. Photo: Blanco

For most people, there will never be enough space in the kitchen, so it’s important to make the most of every millimetre of working and storage space. BLANCO, a specialist in sinks and mixer taps, presents the BLANCODELTA II sink in Silgranit PuraDur as the perfect solution for corner storage. The latest generation of the popular DELTA sink is notable for its contemporary design, clever details and much bigger main bowl. Combined with a range of practical accessories,


Installation options: BLANCO sinks with the attractive flat rim

Elegant in looks, practical in daily life

In addition to the most common solution, the inset sink with the classic profiled rim, the laid-on installation is becoming increasingly popular. Designed to match contemporary kitchen design, which is notable for its clear lines and smoothest possible transitions, Blanco offers the most comprehensive range of sinks with the attractive, ultra flat IF rim. For example: Blanco Claron 550-IF from the manufacturer’s exclusive high-tech SteelArt manufacturing facility. Photo: Blanco

Let’s fact it, who pays much attention to the rim when buying a sink? Although most of the work in the kitchen is carried out at the sink, the decision to buy is usually based on the material, features and overall shape. And yet


What’s new in Silgranit: BLANCO SONA sinks in five sizes

Tailored to contemporary kitchens

Blanco Sona, the new Silgranit sink range, offers strong solutions for a wide range of planning situations, and two models for the 60-cm wide sink cabinets: seen here, for instance, the Blanco Sona 6 S in pearl grey with a colander bowl and combined with the Blanco Tivo-S mixer tap. Photo: Blanco

Those who are in the process of buying a new sink have a tremendous range of models, designs and materials to choose from. And the new sink line Blanco Sona is proof indeed that there is no need to dispense with functionality or comfort even at entry level. Available in five models for the four main sink cabinet sizes, it offers sturdy solutions for


Always a good choice: BLANCO Silgranit sinks

The perfect balance

Silgranit PuraDur is already by far the most successful granite sink material in the world. And now Blanco has managed to improve the material even further. Silgranit PuraDur is easier to care for and more resilient than ever. With a subtly smoother surface and therefore even more pleasant to the touch, the current range is a delight. Photo: Blanco

Surprisingly easy to look after, hygienic and scratch proof, heat-resistant, fade resistant, colourfast and therefore exceptionally durable: Blanco sinks made of Silgranit PuraDur combine all the characteristics required to cope with intensive daily use for the entire life of a kitchen – and still look good after many years. Available in countless different designs, sizes and colours, the