Hettich TopLine: Perfect wardrobe, perfect day

The new TopLine sliding door system from Hettich

The new luxury generation of the TopLine sliding door system impresses in all dimensions: from fascinatingly easy opening and silky smooth running action to silent and gentle soft closing. Installation too is extremely easy and intuitive.

Enjoy comfort

With doors that would seem to float, running action is quiet and gives a feel of luxury. Silent System in opening and closing direction softly cushions the elements, very low forces make opening fascinatingly easy. The TopLine system’s running performance remains unchanged even after a prolonged period out of use. Minimum door offset makes optimum use of storage space and lets doors open widely.

New design options
TopLine sliding door systems retreat into the … [READ MORE]

Invisibly smart – whisper quiet

TopLine XL for large fronted cabinets

Large surface fronts, floor to ceiling cabinets: purists just love sliding doors. And sliding doors love TopLine XL. Because the concealed system moves large, heavy doors smoothly and quietly, even if they weigh up to 80 kg.

Virtually invisible and fascinatingly silent, the concealed TopLine XL sliding door system brings smooth gliding action to doors weighing up to 80 kg. The Silent System cushions door movement, leaving them to open and close with a gentle movement while also preventing them from colliding. In 4-door cabinets, the synchronized opening of the middle doors produces inspiring panoramic effects and convenient access to a large central compartment.

TopLine XL provides design flexibility for doors in thicknesses … [READ MORE]

Sliding door Silent System in a whole new dimension

TopLine L from Hettich

Future proof technology and a versatile system providing smooth running action – TopLine L from Hettich meets all of the practical demands on a modern sliding door system, speaks to the senses and paves the way to entering the high end furniture segment.

The TopLine L soft opening and closing system for sliding doors gives the user a noticeable feel of added luxury and convenience. TopLine L brings sliding doors to a silent and gentle close against the wardrobe carcase. Low opening forces and a closing effort that can be set for any door weight at a three stage self closing adjustment capability make sliding doors an absolute dream to open and close. In addition, the … [READ MORE]

Mark of distinction and huge design flexibility

Hettich presents TopLine M sliding door system

The trend towards sliding doors is unbroken as they are not only practical but also an impressive design element. The TopLine M sliding door system from Hettich is the answer to providing an attractive mark of distinction with tremendous design flexibility.

Designed for door weights up to 35 kg, Hettich presents the TopLine M sliding door system for overlay doors on wardrobes and hallway units. The door elements can be positioned one in front of the other to leave them completely parallel. Alternatively, projecting door handle profiles are easy to include by using spacers. Cabinet end profiles permit the same design of cabinet for sliding and hinged doors. The unobtrusive running profile discreetly … [READ MORE]