Kesseböhmer: Supermarket Shelf at Home

Opening a kitchen cabinet as the wow factor

Kesseböhmer is demonstrating exactly how opening a kitchen cabinet can have the wow factor. The name ‘Tandem’ refers to the intelligent two-part pull-out technology, which provides the user with not only a distinctive opening experience, but also a complete overview and convenient access to all supplies at the same time. As a ‘supermarket shelf at home’, the ‘Tandem’ can accommodate a week’s worth of shopping for a family of four.

A well-sectioned cabinet offers twice the organisation. The two parts of the ‘Tandem’ fitting for door shelves and shelving units coupled with single-handed operation were based on the refrigerator concept. What’s more, all elements of the ‘Tandem’ fit together in a constant, … [READ MORE]

Adaptable storage: Kesseböhmer focuses on doors

When is a door more than just a door? Think of your fridge; the most convenient place to store things is in the door where you can reach everything the moment you open the door. This is the thinking behind the new door shelves that Kesseböhmer is unveiling at the Interzum from May 16 to 19, 2017 in Cologne. The shelf set, “Tandem side”, has height-adjustable trays and baskets making it as adaptable as any user could wish. Optically it harmonizes with the design of the kitchen as a whole.

The idea of making better use of the door for storage is as simple as it is brilliant. The “Tandem side” door shelf in all its variants closes a gap … [READ MORE]