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K05 refrigerator hinges from Hettich

The K05 hinge from Hettich not only impresses with reliable and convenient functions but also with a design that harmoniously integrates into refrigerators. Available in metallic look as well as in white and an elegant dark tone, the working components blend discreetly into the background.

The K05 hinge in metal look is particularly suitable for refrigerators and wine coolers on which the cool, metal design also continues through on the inside. If, on the other hand, the fridge is white both inside and outside, the new hinge in white perfectly matches the interior and recedes into the background.

Wine fridges are a real looker in the kitchen. They impress on the outside with their high quality design. Dark colour shades are increasingly being carried through on the inside too. The K05 hinge in a dark tone elegantly underscores the consistent design of refrigerators.

Consistent look on the inside of a wine cooler too: the K05 hinge in an elegant dark tone. Photo: Hettich

But apart from the design aspect, the high quality K05 multiple pivot hinge also scores with its particularly wide opening angle of 115 degrees. The result: a better view of everything inside and easy access to items kept in the door. The hinge securely and reliably opens and closes doors weighing up to 110 kg. Also highly practical is the controlled door opening system that prevents the door from springing open and colliding with adjacent furniture elements. It allows the door to be stopped in different opening positions.

Source and photos: Hettich

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