The Space Tower larder unit by Blum

The convenient way to store food

The Space Tower by Blum. Clear visibility and direct access from all three sides and above. The photo shows the Legrabox free design option. Photo: Blum

Hoechst, Austria – October 2015. If you want a larder unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose inner pull-outs can be planned and designed individually and that gives you easy access to items from all three sides, then you’ll like the Space Tower by Blum. This is the convenient and ergonomic way to store food in modern kitchens.

  • Ergonomic: Easy access from all three sides
  • Convenient: Every pull-out opens individually
  • Spacious: Closed sides, high load bearing capacities and organised interiors
  • Flexible: Available in every height, width, depth and equipped with the box system of your choice
  • In motion: With Servo-Drive, Tip-On for doors
The inner pull-outs of the Space Tower larder unit provide plenty of space for all kinds of storage items (even bottles). The photo shows Legrabox free with glass design elements. Photo: Blum

Well-thought-out cabinet solutions make optimal use of the storage space available and enhance everyday kitchen workflows. Blum’s practical Space Tower larder unit is a good example in this context. It has a door and inner pull-outs that can be planned and designed individually. The larder unit is available in every height, width and depth. Flexible inner dividing systems such as Ambia-Line or Orga-Line tidy up interiors. They give you clear visibility, securely hold items (such as provisions and bottles) and ensure that open packets don’t tip over.

Convincing advantages

The Space Tower larder unit is also very practical in bathrooms. The photo shows Legrabox pure with the Ambia-Line inner dividing system. Photo: Blum

The Space Tower larder unit has full extension that give you clear visibility and direct access to contents – from all three sides and from above. Tall items, such as bottles can be easily removed from above. Another advantage is that you don’t have to pull open the weight of the entire cabinet to remove one item. You just have to open the pull-out you need. If you use high, closed drawer sides, you can create up to 55 percent more storage space. In addition, each Space Tower inner pull-out has a load bearing capacity of up to 70 kg. Thanks to integrated, soft-close Blumotion, the pull-outs will always close softly and effortlessly. And if you like, you can also equip them with the Servo-Drive electric motion support system. To implement handle-less kitchens, simply equip the door with Tip-On.

Easy assembly for all models

Ideal for bedrooms, too. The Space Tower also keeps ties and shirts nice and tidy – here again with Tandembox antaro. Photo: Blum

All the fittings used for the Space Tower larder unit are either standard fittings from the Tandembox range (Blum’s tried and tested pull-out system), or standard fittings from the Legrabox range (Blum’s box system with straight and slim drawer sides). This ensures that the entire kitchen has a coherent design and yet provides plenty of scope for the design of cabinet interiors. What’s more the new Legrabox free design option with glass design elements gives you a light and transparent look and even better visibility of storage items.

Enhanced user convenience. Pull-outs can be opened individually. The well-thought-out Orga-Line inner dividing system holds items securely – here with Tandembox antaro. Photo: Blum

The cutting dimensions of the base and back panel of the box systems mentioned above stay the same. Fronts are simply clipped on. In addition, you are free to choose the front you want. You can even use metal frame doors with glass infill panels. Blum’s Dynalog planning software makes it easy to determine the exact fixing positions of fittings. The software also helps you order the right fittings components for the Space Tower larder unit quickly and simply. Our tip: Use the CLIP top 155° hinge for zero door protrusion to make optimal use of the cabinet width.

Legrabox has straight sides and is ideal for keeping provisions, for example in the Space-Tower larder unit by Blum – here with Legrabox pure. Photo: Blum

Source: Blum

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