Tiomos Hidden: the hinge becomes invisible

With the development of the Tiomos hinge system, GRASS has written a new chapter in the history of furniture design. With the concealed Tiomos Hidden hinge, which was launched at interzum 2017, GRASS has added another component that makes it possible to move doors elegantly and almost invisibly.

“When we talk about minimalism, we assume that technology is becoming more and more intelligent and its functions more and more comfortable – but also less and less visible.” This is how Andreas Marosch, Head of Marketing at GRASS, describes the company’s approach. “Customers want to express their personality with personalised furniture design; the technical components should be designed so that they take a back seat behind the furniture design or provide a specific aesthetic aspect in addition to the pure function.”

GRASS Tiomos Hidden with cover caps. Photo: UMAXO

The latest product from the Tiomos series is a perfect example of this product philosophy: it really takes a back seat behind the furniture, even better, it becomes one with the furniture and thus becomes almost invisible. The concealed Tiomos Hidden hinge is recessed in the cabinet and thereby is flush with the surfaces of the door and of the inside wall of the piece of furniture. However, in terms of functionality, it certainly is not second-best compared to its visible colleagues: it is unusually strong, and can be adjusted in three dimensions. Tiomos Hidden features a damping mechanism in the closing action and allows for an opening angle of 105°. The minimum door thickness required is 18 millimetres.

GRASS Tiomos Hidden without cover caps. Photo: UMAXO

Tiomos Hidden combines functionality with design and, with its fully concealed installation, takes second place behind the furniture. Furthermore, with the new Night surface finish, Tiomos Hidden responds to the trend towards dark, high-quality surfaces. The hinge, which will be launched at interzum 2017, is also available in a nickel-plated version.

GRASS Tiomos Hidden, back side. Photo: UMAXO

Source and photos: GRASS

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