Tip-On Blumotion – an inspiring combination of opening and closing ease

Blum now offers a mechanical opening support system combined with soft close

Tip-On Blumotion brings enhanced user convenience to kitchens with handle-less fronts: one-touch opening, feather-light glide, soft and effortless closing. Photo: Blum

Hoechst, Austria – May 2015. To provide enhanced opening ease for handle-less fronts, Blum not only offers an electric opening support system but also a mechanical solution: Tip-On. Tip-On is now available in combination with Blumotion for soft and effortless closing. Tip-On Blumotion brings supreme ease of use to handle-less furniture – in kitchens and throughout the home. The innovation is the winner of this year’s Red Dot Award 2015 for top quality design.

Universal in application. Tip-On Blumotion for high-quality handle-less wooden furniture with Movento runners by Blum. Photo: Blum

Tip-On Blumotion combines easy one-touch opening with soft closing. Handle-less pull-outs and drawers open with ease thanks to the mechanical opening support system and always have a feather-light glide. Tried and tested soft-close Blumotion ensures that they close again softly and effortlessly.

Two functions in one: Tip-On for easy opening and Blumotion for soft and effortless closing. Photo: Blum

The new and inspiring quality of motion of Tip-On Blumotion is not only available for Legrabox, the elegant box system by Blum, but also for its tried and tested Tandembox programme lines. Even Movento, Blum’s runner system for handle-less wooden pull-outs and drawers can be combined with the latest innovation for easy one-touch opening and soft and effortless closing.

Small range, great convenience

Enhanced user convenience throughout the home. Tip-On Blumotion combined with the straight-cut and minimalist design of Legrabox in a bathroom. Photo: Blum

Tip-On Blumotion can be assembled quickly and simply without tools. The solution can also be optimally integrated into existing planning dimensions because it needs little space. No additional modifications need be made to cabinet, front or box for assembly. There are different Tip-On Blumotion units to choose from to suit nominal length and weight. With a minimum front gap of just 2.5 mm, Tip-On Blumotion is ideally suited for implementation in kitchens but also for furniture throughout the home. The trigger function of Tip-On Blumotion is guaranteed despite the small front gap. Blum in fact offers an optional synchronisation feature to further enlarge the trigger area. Gap alignment is easy thanks to 4-dimensional adjustment. And Tip-On Blumotion will still work perfectly even if the pull-out is pulled open or pushed shut.

Source: Blum

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