Trendy sliding solutions in the kitchen

Silent Aluflex 80 aluminium frame system from Häfele.

Made-to-measure sliding solutions you can create room-high cabinets with sliding doors at both sides or classic room dividers for convertible living rooms with integrated visible or concealed kitchens can be created as required with the Silent Aluflex 80 aluminium frame range. For design purists there is also a top-running “suspended” sliding door version.

Silent Aluflex 80 – Storage space between kitchen and dining area

Hidden kitchen integrated into the living room. The kitchen can be easily hidden behind the beautiful sliding panels. Silent Aluflex 80. Photo: Häfele

The combination of the aluminium frame system and a floor-to-ceiling cabinet provides room for more storage space. Both sides of the cabinet are equipped with sliding doors. A pull-out serving hatch, a large storage compartment for guest chairs or a step stool for accessing the top of the cabinet increase convenience and functionality.

Room-in-room solution: the pantry in the kitchen

Silent Aluflex 80 is ideally suited for dividing up areas and therefore integrating the pantry in the kitchen using sliding doors and fixed elements, for example. Your supplies are therefore always ready to hand – but still concealed. This is a solution which can also be retrofitted.

Countless configuration options

The space between the kitchen and the living room can be used. Silent Aluflex 80. Photo: Häfele

Silent Aluflex 80 can be individually designed – with more than 130 panels made from wood, glass or plastic in many colours and with different frame profiles made from aluminium with different finishes. Special emphasis is provided by illuminated acrylic panels. The Häfele Smuso soft close system provides gentle and convenient closing.

Simple planning and assembly

The Aluflex configuration tool on the Häfele web site helps with customised planning and ordering, without the risk of wastage. Assembly is taken care of by Häfele. Installation is incredibly easy. Silent Aluflex 80 can be retrofitted without problems.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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