Vauth-Sagel ensures that everything runs smoothly in the area of pull out larders

With a new name and new features, something that was already good has been made even better.

Vauth-Sagel has perfected its runner systems, thereby proving that the new corporate identity and the design affinity of the future generation of products are accompanied by complex technical innovations. A PAM (Power Assisted Movement) mechanism has been added to the pull out larder system VS TAL Larder. It offers unparalleled comfort.

In the new generation of VS Tal Larder, “PAM” refers to a synchronised pull out movement, a new hydraulic action soft-close system and a new type of soft-open damper mechanism. The new pull out larder system VS TAL Gate has been redesigned in such a way that the top runner rails are almost invisible.

With the new features Vauth-Sagel has added to its pull out larder system, which the company introduced to the public for the first time in the spring of 2017, Vauth-Sagel is setting new benchmarks. “Everything that we present at the SICAM – from the new logo to actual systems – is the result of a long process,” says Vauth-Sagel’s CEO Claus Sagel. “We have listened to our customers, analysed what the market wants – and then developed solutions that meet these specific requirements.” In the pull out larder system product category, these solutions had to meet several criteria: They had to offer more comfort, make the sequence of movements as smooth as possible and offer the manufacturers unparalleled functionality as a USP. The result is a pull out larder system with a new name – VS TAL Larder – and a whole range of brilliant innovative features that is bound to remain a state-of-the-art system benchmark for some time to come.

Perfectly smooth running – Vauth-Sagel has completely redesigned its pull out larder systems
VS TAL Gate has also been redesigned in a way that makes the upper runner mountings almost invisible.Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

Vauth-Sagel’s successful pull out larder systems enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry. With the new generation of designs for 2017, they have now been perfected further with new, unique features which Vauth-Sagel has abbreviated to “PAM”. “PAM” is an acronym for Vauth-Sagel’s new “Power-Assisted-Movement” technology that makes the sequence of movements outstandingly comfortable for the user. On the VS TAL Larder, this includes new, fully-synchronised runners that are unique in this product segment. The three runner profiles are connected to each other with steel wires. Together with the standard ball bearings, this system ensures that the drawer runners open and close smoothly and safely from the beginning of the movement sequence to the end. The system is available for all three runner lengths: 470, 500 and 575mm.

VS TAL Larder has also been equipped with a hydraulic action soft-open-and-close damper mechanism that additionally protects the drawers from arresting or slamming. With this new feature, Vauth-Sagel has developed one of the first fully hydraulic heavy duty soft-open systems for pull out larders and has therefore transferred a principle familiar from drawers to the pull out larder storage area.

The new developments for the VS TAL Larder are completed by an optionally available soft-open mechanism: Soft-close drawers have been a standard feature for many years; they now also open just as softly down to the last millimetre. The newly developed soft-open damper mechanism and the respective slides can be fitted to the synchronised runners if required and adjusted without any tools.

Maximum design plus – runners become invisible

“In terms of the functionality of our runner systems, we are now internationally leading,” says Claus Sagel. “Again, we have not forgotten that functionality isn’t everything the customers are looking for; they want a user experience that is enjoyable throughout.” VS TAL Gate, for example, combines functionality with best-possible design. The design of the fittings has been changed with the aim of ensuring that the runner mountings are not visible from above when the doors are closed. The mountings have become largely invisible. “Ground-breaking technology that works invisibly. A better design that has been adapted to meet the latest respective tastes and totally represents our mission: to create maximum comfort for our customers,” says Claus Sagel.


Vauth-Sagel has stood for contemporary and innovative storage space solutions for over 55 years. The owner-managed family business develops, manufactures and sells system components for the kitchen and furniture industry that are aimed at making people’s lives more comfortable. With many years of expertise in working with all of the materials used, 850 employees manufacture more than 85 million quality products “Made in Germany” every year. “Vauth-Sagel creates high quality system solutions for all living spaces. And for everyone.” With this promise, Vauth-Sagel accommodates the needs of its customers around the world with ground-breaking inspirational innovations they can include in their product designs and fittings.

Source and photos: VAUTH-SAGEL

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