Vauth-Sagel: Focus on maximum flexibility and high design standards

New: Premea in a popular trendy colour

Personalisation is a hot topic – not least also in the furnishing industry.

The demand for pieces of furniture that can be customised according to the respective needs and requirements is as high as never before.

However, the functional features and aesthetics also have to be spot on. Vauth-Sagel takes precisely all of these aspects on board with its range of cabinet interior storage shelves and baskets.

Vauth Sagel: CORNERSTONE Swing Premea in the color Lava Grey. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

The specialist for storage solutions will now also demonstrate this at the kbb Birmingham – for example with the popular design line Premea in a new shade called Lava Grey.

Customisable shelf and basket versions

All show and no substance? – Not with Vauth-Sagel’s extensive range of interior storage shelves and baskets.

Vauth Sagel: TAL Gate Pro Premea in the color Lava Grey. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

Hardly any other system component manufacturer offers as much flexibility when it comes to equipping cabinet interiors – whilst at the same time making sure that the outside design continues on the inside and intentionally setting accents in the interior of a piece of furniture.

Maximum choice thanks to modular system

Vauth-Sagel’s shelf and basket design ranges – Classic, Saphir, Premea, Planero and Artline – are modular systems.

The unique advantage this offers: all guide rails and frames can be combined with various interior shelf and basket versions from the company’s own accessory line.

Vauth Sagel: SUB Side Premea in the color Lava Grey. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

This platform strategy makes Vauth-Sagel’s storage systems attractive to the industry, retailers, joiners and cabinet makers.

Whilst Classic and Saphir feature a metal rail and wire bases, Premea, Artline ad Planero offer high-quality wooden bases.

Vauth Sagel: TAL Larder Premea in the color Lava Grey. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

All shelves and baskets come with extremely well-welded joints and surfaces “made in Germany”.

They are also available in a range of colours and can be combined with the proven storage systems VS SUB, VS COR, VS TAL and VS TOP to create perfect storage.

Premea: the popular shelf and basket version now also available in “Lava Grey”

The design version Premea impresses with a full-length wooden base that is impervious to moisture and held in a metal frame.

Vauth Sagel: Basket Premea in the color Lava Grey. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

As on the Classic and Saphir versions, the stored goods are secured by a straight metal rail.

Just in time for the kbb Birmingham, which was running in March 2020, Premea was presented in a new design: this wooden base version is now also available in modern Lava Grey, just like the design version Planero.


Vauth-Sagel has stood for contemporary and innovative storage space solutions for over 55 years.

The owner-managed family business develops, manufactures and sells system components for the kitchen and furniture industry that are aimed at making people’s lives more comfortable.

With many years of expertise in working with all of the materials used, 1000 employees manufacture more than 85 million quality products “Made in Germany” every year.

Vauth-Sagel: OpenUp at the Interzum 2019. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

“Vauth-Sagel creates high quality system solutions for all living spaces. And for everyone.”

With this promise, Vauth-Sagel accommodates the needs of its customers around the world with ground-breaking inspirational innovations they can include in their product design and fittings to ensure that they are always the one decisive step ahead.

Source and photos: VAUTH-SAGEL

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