Vauth-Sagel: new corner unit solution CORNERSTONE MAXX

Vauth-Sagel at the kbb Birmingham 2018

Maximum accommodation: Vauth-Sagel’s new corner unit solution CORNERSTONE MAXX

Easy to fit, comfortable to use, functional – Vauth-Sagel sets new benchmark for corner units

At the kbb Birmingham 2018, Vauth-Sagel will be presenting its new corner unit solution CORNERSTONE MAXX, which has recently won the internationally renowned German Design Award 2018. “Vauth-Sagel makes it possible for everyone, all over the world, to add a high degree of comfort to their living spaces and thereby rediscover them.” Vauth-Sagel’s mission statement encapsulates the completely redesigned brand, the new digital services and the new products. The new CORNERSTONE MAXX embodies this mission in a particularly impressive way.


In Birmingham, the corner will be redefined: With CORNERSTONE MAXX, the owner-managed company Vauth-Sagel is unlocking the often wasted and untidy interior of corner units in fitted kitchens as effectively and comfortable as never before. At the kbb Birmingham 2018, retailers, kitchen fitters and trade customers can experience the new system live. “Our message is: we have understood your message,” says CEO Claus Sagel. “We have understood what consumers would like to see in their homes, what kitchen fitters expect, and what the retailers and the industry need. And we took all of these realisations on board when we designed CORNERSTONE MAXX. With this totally innovative corner unit solution, we are setting new benchmarks on the market, as proven by our recent win of a German Design Award 2018”.

CORNERSTONE MAXX – Maximum re-imagination of the corner

CORNERSTONE MAXX offers a maximum of comfort: The innovative system brings the contents of two tray-like shelves fully in front of the unit. The often badly or even completely unused spaces in the corner unit are therefore made usable in an extremely comfortable way. CORNERSTONE MAXX does not obstruct the adjacent units as it swings out and comes to rest fully in front of its own unit. The movement sequence is supported in a unique way by a PAM (“Power-Assisted-Movement”) system.  Thanks to this lifting and a soft open/soft close mechanism, the interior slides in and out almost effortlessly, and noiselessly.


CORNERSTONE MAXX is unique in terms of the maximum of functionality it offers: Thanks to the elegant design, the fixing system is almost invisible yet achieves a load bearing capacity of up to 25 kilograms per shelf. The shelves themselves are of a modern linear design and, in contrast to the competitor products on the market, they make do without unnecessary and annoying indentations; the storage space is therefore utilised to the maximum as the shelves can be used to their full extent.


CORNERSTONE MAXX also offers a maximum of convenience to the fitter: The system consists of only three parts and makes do with just one mounting point – a single fixing pole ensures a maximum of stability and makes the height easy to adjust even after it has been fitted. Vauth-Sagel also achieves all of this with fewer screws and less drilling – which not only saves time but also valuable storage space.


Not even a year after it was launched in May 2017, CORNERSTONE MAXX has already attracted a maximum of praise: It has recently won one of the best-known international design prizes, the German Design Award 2018, which is awarded by the renowned German Design Council, the ultimate authority for brand and design in Germany. The mission of this highest instance: To show the world what is happening on the German design scene – and in this respect, the new corner unit solution CORNERSTONE MAXX is an impressive ambassador for German design with outstanding engineering.

CORNERSTONE MAXX is not only Vauth-Sagel’s new corner solution; it is the new benchmark with regard to all performance aspects in this Vauth-Sagel product segment. With CORNERSTONE MAXX, the company is consistently pushing ahead with its transformation from component manufacturer to a driving force in the furniture industry: “We give our customers what they want,” says Claus Sagel. “Products and services that set new benchmarks. CORNERSTONE MAXX perfectly embodies this philosophy.”


Vauth-Sagel has stood for contemporary and innovative storage space solutions for over 55 years. The owner-managed family business develops, manufactures and sells system components for the kitchen and furniture industry that are aimed at making people’s lives more comfortable. With many years of expertise in working with all of the materials used, 850 employees manufacture more than 85 million quality products “Made in Germany” every year. “Vauth-Sagel creates high quality system solutions for all living spaces. And for everyone.” With this promise, Vauth-Sagel accommodates the needs of its customers around the world with ground-breaking inspirational innovations they can include in their product designs and fittings.

Source and photos: VAUTH-SAGEL

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