Vauth-Sagel: The New Optimisation of Storage Space

A small revolution in interior furniture

Long-term partnership between Vauth-Sagel and Rietberger Möbelwerke.

World première at Möbelmeile 2018: Rietberger Möbelwerke (RMW) and Vauth-Sagel presented the results of their collaboration. Together, the two companies have developed a fitting to facilitate easier access to low storage levels. The project excellently demonstrates how the system concept can be successfully implemented: due to its consistent modularity, the new optimisation of storage space can be used for all collections and sizes offered by Rietberger Möbelwerke. Trade specialists were extremely impressed by this innovation at the exhibition centre.

interzum 2017 marked the green light for the forward-looking cooperation: RMW Rietberger Möbelwerke was looking for a way to differentiate itself from the competition and the “intrinsic values” of household furniture. They wanted to make spaces more accessible – and were inspired by solutions in the kitchen. “In addition to the special expertise with regard to the comfort, we were inspired by the new Planero steel design,” says Rudolf Eikenkötter, Managing Director at Rietberger Möbelwerke. “We wondered if these principles could also be applied to household furniture.”

Vauth-Sagel and Rietberger Möbelwerke. Deviso. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

First of all, the goal of the joint project was defined: the focus should be on lower, inaccessible storage space areas. For this purpose, Vauth-Sagel developed a comfort fitting, which should not be seen as a classic accessory, but rather as a system component within the RMW matrix. “Only a few other furniture manufacturers implement the system concept as consistently as RMW,” says Georg Wittenbrink, Senior Living Room Product Manager at Vauth-Sagel. “That is what connects our two companies and makes the project so interesting.” In fact, the kit can be used with all styles and collections by RMW – and provides the end customer with a small operating revolution: When the cabinet is opened, they are met by two elegantly coupled sheet steel trays. The upper tray can be pushed back slightly to allow easy access to the lower storage level. With this functionality, Vauth-Sagel not only demonstrates a highly detailed, user-oriented design, but also proves the uniqueness of the recently patented kit.

Vauth-Sagel and Rietberger Möbelwerke. Lavita. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL

In addition, the storage module has a higher back wall, so that, on the one hand, the frequently exposed runners are covered comfortably and on the other hand, no objects can fall behind the trays. The design is based on the existing RMW interior organisation elements colour scheme. It uses a special grey-brown tone called magma, which can be combined with both plain colours and wood decorations and thus exhibits universal character.

At the RMW stand at Möbelmeile 2018 in Rietberg, the new interior organiser was presented as a highlight product – and was enthusiastically acclaimed by exhibition visitors. Both companies were very impressed by the harmonious and professional partnership. Representatives of both companies said that they just complemented each other perfectly. The fact that a unique storage space concept was developed in a relatively short time is testament to this statement. The collections by Rietberger with the new comfort system will be available in furniture shops at the beginning of 2019.

Vauth-Sagel and Rietberger Möbelwerke. Small pull-out drawer. Photo: VAUTH-SAGEL
About Vauth-Sagel

Vauth-Sagel has stood for contemporary and innovative storage space solutions for over 55 years. The owner-managed family business develops, manufactures and sells system components for the kitchen and furniture industry that are aimed at making people’s lives more comfortable. With many years of expertise in working with all of the materials used, 850 employees manufacture more than 85 million quality products “Made in Germany” every year.

“Vauth-Sagel creates high quality system solutions for all living spaces. And for everyone.” With this promise, Vauth-Sagel accommodates the needs of its customers around the world with ground-breaking inspirational innovations they can include in their product design and fittings to ensure that they are always the one decisive step ahead.


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