Vionaro – the cubist drawer system for kitchens, living areas and bathrooms

With Vionaro, GRASS has created an exciting design solution for all applications in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. This comprehensive system, which won the coveted Red Dot Award in 2014, features a slim 13-millimetre drawer side based on the Dynapro concealed slide system. Itself a winner of the internationally recognised design prize in 2010, Dynapro has already been installed millions of times over. Today, renowned kitchen and furniture manufacturers around the world use the comprehensive minimalist system Vionaro in their collections. At HOLZ-HANDWERK 2016, GRASS will be presenting amongst others the new 249-millimetre drawer side height as well as the optional depth adjustment.

The design, functionality and innovation of the Vionaro drawer system cannot fail to impress. The extremely slim drawer side is fully in keeping with the trend towards minimalist forms and luxury materials through to the furniture interior. “The new style is minimalism. An exciting and far-reaching development is currently under way,” says GRASS Global Brand Manager Harald Klüh. “We dispense with everything that is not absolutely necessary and concentrate on the simple yet elegantly efficient basics.”

Cubist design meets track-proven movement comfort

Grass Vionaro in bathroom furniture. Photo: Grass

Vionaro is the most radical development of the GRASS designers to date and reflects this return to basics. The cubist and minimalistic drawer system has a considerable influence on the design of contemporary furniture in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. The result of the many years of research and development work is a passionate statement in favour of the beauty of the right angle, which ensures that no storage space is wasted inside the drawer. In 2014, that statement received official recognition in the form of the coveted Red Dot Design Award for excellence in product design.

Vionaro is based on the Dynapro slide that has proven its worth millions of times over and also won the Red Dot design prize in 2010. Made of aluminium or steel and just 13 millimetres thick, the entirely seamless Vionaro drawer sides are fitted on the Dynapro system. They are formed from a single section and therefore have a completely smooth surface.

This means Vionaro has everything that Dynapro has: perfect running characteristics due to its synchronised movement, combined with very low pull-out forces and excellent load capacities of up to 70 kilos. The familiar three-dimensional adjustment option is integrated into the drawer side on the Vionaro sytem and can be easily actuated inside the drawer with a conventional PZ2 screwdriver. The new optional Dynapro depth adjustment now makes even four-dimensional adjustment a possibility.

Creative scope for every conceivable furniture design

Grass Vionaro. Photo: Grass


Since its market launch, Vionaro has attracted a great deal of attention worldwide. Designers, kitchen and furniture manufacturers, cabinetmakers and architects as well as many end users around the globe are inspired by the elegant, extremely slim drawer side. With its luxurious simplicity and the use of a wide range of different materials and colours, Vionaro is ideal for all contemporary living spaces. The system is available as a high-quality, anodised aluminium version and a steel version in the three standard colours snow white, silver grey and graphite as well as the special colour golden brown. GRASS offers Vionaro in drawer side heights of 63 mm, 89 mm, 121 mm, 185 mm and 249 mm. The front stabiliser integrated into the 185 mm and 249 mm side walls permits the installation of fronts with a height of up to 780 mm – without the use of a railing.

The cross-divider is particularly practical for the optimum utilisation of storage space. The aluminium rod can be cut to length and is simply fitted onto the drawer sides, enabling individual compartmentalisation of the drawers. With this clever product design, no visual compromises are necessary for the additional function – thanks to its colour and shape, the cross-divider perfectly matches the design of the drawer and therefore ensures a coherent exterior appearance. This range of colours, materials and heights enables GRASS to satisfy the varied requirements of furniture designers and to widen their scope for individual furniture creations.

Perfect design meets perfect handling

The Vionaro drawer system in aluminium or steel can be fitted onto the same concealed slide system as a wooden drawer – another great

benefit for customers, who can cover completely different price segments and designs with one slide system.

In keeping with the GRASS principle of ensuring maximum convenience for manufacturers, installation of the system is extremely simple, and complex machining of the drawer bottom panel is not necessary. In addition, the back panel clip that is prefitted in the drawer side guarantees an elegant connection. A clip system also allows fast, simple attachment of the front to the drawer side.

Various drilling jigs and assembly aids are available to ensure particularly convenient and time-saving production.

Source and photos: GRASS

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