What’s new in Silgranit: BLANCO SONA sinks in five sizes

Tailored to contemporary kitchens

Blanco Sona, the new Silgranit sink range, offers strong solutions for a wide range of planning situations, and two models for the 60-cm wide sink cabinets: seen here, for instance, the Blanco Sona 6 S in pearl grey with a colander bowl and combined with the Blanco Tivo-S mixer tap. Photo: Blanco

Those who are in the process of buying a new sink have a tremendous range of models, designs and materials to choose from. And the new sink line Blanco Sona is proof indeed that there is no need to dispense with functionality or comfort even at entry level. Available in five models for the four main sink cabinet sizes, it offers sturdy solutions for a wide range of planning situations. Yet with its modern, unobtrusive design, Sona blends harmoniously with any kitchen environment. Made of Silgranit, the new sink series also appeals for its excellent care properties, pleasant silky-stony feel and high resilience. Nine attractive colours guarantee combinations that perfectly match the surrounding environment.

The new sink line Blanco Sona in Silgranit PuraDur is proof indeed that there is no need to dispense with functionality or comfort even at entry level. With the modern, unobtrusive design and in trendy colours, the five models will blend harmoniously with any kitchen environment. For narrow sink cabinets, for instance, the compact Blanco Sona 45 S is ideal – seen here in the new colour pearl grey, and with it the Blanco Tivo mixer tap. Photo: Blanco

The new range of Silgranit sinks is notable for its straight lines and tight radii. One particular feature is the generous, strikingly profiled tap ledge. With its dynamic lines, it sets a sophisticated optical highlight on both sides of the drainer. The flat surface is also ideal for storing washing-up liquid, sponge and brush – and there’s plenty of room for washing up in the generous, 190 mm deep main bowl. Even the compact Blanco Sona 45 S copes easily with bulky items. Blanco Sona XL 6 S has an extra large bowl with even more room.

Blanco Sona 8 S has two very large, roomy bowls and a comfortable drainer – ideal for rinsing and washing dishes. One particular design feature of the new Sona line is the generous, strikingly profiled tap ledge. Picture: Blanco Sona 8 S in white harmonises perfectly with the Blanco Nea-S mixer tap in the matching colour. Photo: Blanco

A cutting board made either of solid beech or white plastic is available as a practical accessory. Positioned over the drainer or the main bowl, it increases the comfort at the main working place in the kitchen. The Blanco Sona 6 S for the 60-cm sink cabinet also has a smaller bowl, positioned in the middle. The perfectly fitting multifunctional bowl in stainless steel is either included in the delivery or can be ordered as an optional accessory.

Blanco Sona is available in nine attractive shades for individual design ideas – either tone on tone, or in an exciting contrast to the worktop and kitchen environment. The very latest colour is pearl grey, a new mid-grey that radiates a modern, natural cosiness. Subtle shades of beige enhance its soft elegance. The new warm colour goes beautifully with neutral shades, and is also ideal with woods in broken shades of grey. In the interplay with strong colours, though, pearl grey is both expressive and full of contrast.

Very many of the mixer taps in the Blanco range will go well with the new Sona sinks. Particularly harmonious combinations are achieved with Blanco Tivo and Tivo-S, or the new Blanco Nea-S with the practical pull-out spray.

All Blanco Sona sinks can be fitted in either direction, and can be installed conventionally from above or from below: Sona 45 S, 50 S, 6 S, XL 6 S and 8 S.

Source: Blanco

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